Hedge fund trader Julian Robertson sells Apple because Steve Jobs was ‘mean’

“Though billionaire Julian Robertson once considered Apple to be one of the world’s greatest companies and a sound investment, the renowned hedge funder told CNBC on Monday he has dumped all shares because founder Steve Jobs was a ‘really awful’ person,” Drew Sandholm reports for CNBC.

“Robertson said he came to his decision after recently reading a biography about the late technology innovator. Though he said the stock performed well for him, he decided to sell all of his shares in January,” Sandholm reports. “‘We’ll let somebody else make the money from now on,’ he said on Closing Bell. ‘I came to the conclusion that it was unlikely that a man as really awful as I think that Steve Jobs was, could possibly create a great company for the long term. I just don’t believe bad guys do well in the long run,’ Robertson said.”

“Still, he acknowledged Jobs’ many inventions, including everything from the iPhone to the iPad,” Sandholm reports. “‘There’s no question that — and I think if he were still there, I’d still be in it,’ Robertson said. ‘I think he’s one of the great geniuses of the world. But — he’s not the kind of guy I think that would develop a long-standing company.'”

MacDailyNews Take: So, if the devil incarnate was still drawing breath, Robertson would have no problem owning shares, but because the “awful” being has been dispatched to the netherworld, he’s dumped all of his shares?

Total nonsense.

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MacDailyNews Take: Senility isn’t pretty.


    1. No matter how entrenched you are in the world of Apple, you do need to agree that SJ was an acquired taste. Needless to say that his persona is what made him who he was. His take no prisoners and breach conventional methods and processes was often misunderstood.

      1. I say it’s a load of crap, because…

        1. Investors give care about such things, otherwise they would have to dump most of their investments.
        2. Like Steve or not, he’s dead, so it’s disingenuous to say that this has anything to do with him or his behavior of years past.
        3. If there’s anything to instant karma, and if Steve really was a jerk, then he and his family have been paid back in spades.

        This press release was a load of crap.

  1. What a buffoon. Find me a large, successful company where the CEO isn’t a driven, demanding person.

    And to decide to sell his shares after reading a biography TWO YEARS after Steve Jobs’ death?!? I hope anyone who is part of his hedge fund realizes this guy has lost all his marbles and gets away from him ASAP.

    1. It’s just an excuse to dump his stocks.
      I found Steve shocking but refreshing in a world now where everyone is supposed to get a trophy even if they suck. I’d work for him in a second. The coddling rewards takes everybody down to the lowest level. Steve called it like it was: get on board, get with the vision, work hard, or get out. We need a few more like him. Drives me nuts to see some incompetent people in my own workplace that are babied and kept.

      I agree Steve certainly wasn’t a model citizen in all areas, esp. when it came to his first daughter’s conception and early years, but he was a young man on a mission and in denial of anything that would stand in it’s way. Almost as if his inner clock told him he didn’t have a lot of time. It was still wrong, but he did make up for it as best he could in later years, which is more than many do.

      It appears Ballmer is a good family man, professes he loves everybody in the company, and where’s that got Microsoft? How are those shares doing for you Mr. Robertson?

  2. Probably, next time we would hear that Julian Robertson is going to sell AAPL because Steve Jobs is not resurrection, coming back to life after death. ROFL.

  3. As apposed all those other important people, who became the leaders of men and changers of the world, by being very nice to everyone and never making mistakes.

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