Apple lawyer on Samsung scandal: ‘I’m old enough not to believe in coincidences anymore’

“Yesterday’s post on a court order regarding further discovery that will presumably result in sanctions against Samsung and its outside counsel — involving highly confidential information about patent license agreements Apple struck with Nokia, Ericsson, Sharp, and Philips — has sent shockwaves,” Florian Müller reports for FOSS Patents.

“Not only has it received tens of thousands of hits on this blog but the copy of the document that I uploaded to Scribd was viewed more than 1.2 million times during the first 24 hours or so (not on Scribd itself but as an embedded document on various major news sites),” Müller reports. “I can’t remember that any other document I uploaded was viewed by so many people on a single day.”

“The next hearing on this deeply troubling issue has been scheduled for October 22, and the courtroom may be crowded. It’s not about smartphone patent infringement anymore. It’s turned into a smartphone industry scandal. This is Patentgate… Given how much interest there is in this, and with a view to the October 22 hearing, I wanted to publish the hearing transcript, which I obtained today,” Müller reports. “On page 22 of the document, Apple’s lead counsel in this matter, WilmerHale’s Bill Lee, says what I quoted in the headline above because it addresses all those theories of ‘inadvertent disclosure’ pretty well: ‘I’M OLD ENOUGH NOT TO BELIEVE IN COINCIDENCES ANYMORE.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, someday, Samsung will finally pay dearly for their lack of ethics.

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  1. Samsung is a proven criminal organisation Chaired by a *convicted* criminal in collusion with a corrupted government. Read about it here

    Little wonder they’ll stop at nothing to gain an advantage (that’s what criminals do). In the USA and here, however, Samsung is a ‘guest worker’ and could be deported for being ‘not of good character’ (failing the character test). If Samsung were a person that’s exactly how he/she would be treated. Suspend their licence to trade.

  2. Better yet, an Import Ban of all Samsung devices. The money fines would not deter Samsung. what they need is to be humbled. Both Apple and Microsoft have won judgments, yet nothing is happening.

    1. Therefore we are to equate anti-liberal sentiments with berzerking (as I enjoy spelling it). In my terminology, that makes you a Negative Anarchist Banzai.

      IOW: You have no point to make. You only want irresponsible chaos. You sell nothing. You offer nothing. You wish to be nothing.

        1. I live in a conundrum where I am an anarchist at heart, except I am on the side of the hill that considers responsibility for our choices to be a requirement. If we can be responsible for the ramifications of what we choose, then don’t make the choice.

          Therefore, I call that a ‘positive’ approach, versus being a berserker, or irresponsible, or negative. I suspect there are better terms, but I find these to be descriptive.

  3. On the money Derek, and I give you five stars. In fact, I think I will change my name in your honor. I shall now be “Dr. Chaos, formerly known as Banzai”! Has a good ring to it, don’t you think?

  4. Apple has the money (as long don’t listen to Icahn) to move away from Samsung, do it and move on, even if it means your device cost 20 dollars more per unit.

  5. Apple has the money (as long as they don’t listen to Icahn) to move away from Samsung, do it and move on, even if it means your device cost 20 dollars more per unit.

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