The launch pad is prepped for Apple’s rumored iWatch

“Apple’s got a shot at blowing us away with its take on the smartwatch,” Roger Cheng reports for CNET.

“At this point, it’s really not a matter of if Apple releases its long rumored iWatch, but when. The latest rumor now calls for Apple’s eventual device to incorporate a plastic OLED screen that can bend, as well as for models to arrive in three different sizes: 1.3-inch, 1.4-inch, and 1.5-inch,” Cheng reports. “A prototype of the 1.5-inch version has already been made, according to Korean publication Chosun, citing unnamed industry sources.”

Cheng reports, “Given the tepid reception for Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and the modest adoption of other smartwatch projects such as Pebble Watch, the door is wide open for Apple to revolutionize this area. These companies demonstrate that there is indeed interest in this kind of “wearable” technology. If Apple employs its usual polish and finish on a smartwatch, that timepiece could be its next hit product… Given the muted reaction to the existing world of smartwatches, the road is paved for the iWatch. Apple just needs to wow us one more time.”

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MacDailyNews Take: All systems go, Cupertino!

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  1. After using the Pebble for a month, I know the iWatch is gonna explode when Apple takes it on. The Pebble is fantastic for me for a few reasons — 1) I can glance at a text message without having to fish out my iPhone, 2) I know who’s calling instantly and can ignore the call with a click, again without looking at my phone, 3) when I’m jogging or hiking, I can easily click to the next song on my watch without having to fumble for the phone on my arm band or double-clicking on headset wire (also much easier to replay a song), 4) I love the silent vibrating alarm – it’s the best way to wake up, and 5) I can use the FIND MY PHONE feature on my watch to make my iPhone ring if I can’t find it.

    The only bummer is that the Pebble is squarish and a bit clunky looking — with Apple’s design finesse it will be an invaluable addition and will actually make us less dependent on our iPhones. Anything to prevent me living in a world of zombies staring at their phones as they walk around — that’s getting so creepy.

  2. I’m sorry, have the good and intelligent people that frequent this site not noticed how most of the consuming public couldn’t give two craps about smart watches.

    And speaking of crap: I’m positive a smart enema would generate more market wabble than any smart watch is ever going to generate.

    1. @Mr. Peabody

      From the level of your language, it’s obvious you have applied a great deal of research and deep intellectual analysis before arriving at your conclusions.
      We’ll see.

      1. I’m just fed up with trolls who don’t have a clue. We should all be able to deduce from Apple’s history, whatever they debut, will both be stylish, useful, and easy to use. The guy basicly said only stupid people will buy an Apple iWatch and there won’t be much interest in it. By which metrics is this guy basing his assessment on? He obviously has a bias against Apple and sounds like he’d like them to fail. Did the iPod fail? How about the iPhone, iPad and the MacBook Air. Apple has a history of taking something somebody tried and didn’t do so well in, give it their design, usability, and innovation, and make it a winning product. Then you get these guys who pretend they know what they’re talking about, and spew nonsense with no logical arguments. I was telling him in a not very nice way, to go troll elseware.

  3. A watch with a day of battery life.. I dont think Apple should try anything like that, unless they have some some kind of solar battery which will give endless battery life.
    Samsung clearly did not think it through in their desire to beat Apple to the market so they can claim that they did not copy apple.

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