“Apple’s got a shot at blowing us away with its take on the smartwatch,” Roger Cheng reports for CNET.

“At this point, it’s really not a matter of if Apple releases its long rumored iWatch, but when. The latest rumor now calls for Apple’s eventual device to incorporate a plastic OLED screen that can bend, as well as for models to arrive in three different sizes: 1.3-inch, 1.4-inch, and 1.5-inch,” Cheng reports. “A prototype of the 1.5-inch version has already been made, according to Korean publication Chosun, citing unnamed industry sources.”

Cheng reports, “Given the tepid reception for Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and the modest adoption of other smartwatch projects such as Pebble Watch, the door is wide open for Apple to revolutionize this area. These companies demonstrate that there is indeed interest in this kind of “wearable” technology. If Apple employs its usual polish and finish on a smartwatch, that timepiece could be its next hit product… Given the muted reaction to the existing world of smartwatches, the road is paved for the iWatch. Apple just needs to wow us one more time.”

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MacDailyNews Take: All systems go, Cupertino!

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