Apple: What will the new year bring?

“Happy new year, Apple!” Bill Maurer writes for Seeking Alpha. “For those that missed the ball drop, Apple’s fiscal year ended on Saturday, September 28th. Their fourth quarter is now over, and that means we are officially in the fiscal first quarter of fiscal 2014.”

“Apple’s fiscal 2013 started off with a bang, containing the largest product launch in Apple’s history. The year finished off strong with the largest iPhone opening weekend in Apple’s history. However, a lack of launches during the year led to concerns over Apple’s innovation, sending shares down 27.6% on the year, before adjusting for dividends,” Maurer writes. “Even though Apple will set a yearly record for revenues when it reports in a few weeks, those sales were based on lower margin products that will hurt Apple’s bottom line.”

Maurer writes, “But the past is the past. Apple’s fiscal year is over, and that means it is time to start looking forward. Today, I’ll preview Apple’s fiscal 2014, discussing potential new products, financial projections for the company, and what it all means for Apple’s stock. Apple’s new year has begun, and investors should be ready to jump on board.”

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  1. I hope they bring back iOS 6 for iOS 7 in the new year. I can’t stand iOS 7. It looks like a botched job done by someone who is an expert with crayons and nothing else besides.

    1. i’ve been on the scene since 1978. Played Defender on my buddies Apple || for the first time. Back then it was truly amazing. No need to add a quarter 👾. The change & upgrades iHave wittnessed and performed over the years and across multiple platforms are too numerous to list here. My point? Apple has it going ON still to this day. The party laggards like yourself who fail to embrace change for the RIGHT reasons hold advancement back. Third party vendors such as “COUGH COUGH””” ADOBE sold out to WindBLOWS!! Adobe’s arrogance & ignoramus mindset to actually believe they knew what was best for AAPL… ie. FLASH anyone? Pf….. Shut your hole and stagnate or embrace change for the right reasons. Not ONE soul I’ve spoke to since upgrading to iOS 7 speaks ill of the upgrade. Along with the other 200 million downloads & counting. Blame the Third party developers for gumming up Apple’s stringent RULES for proper development in the early Dayz. Microsloth was THE WORST offender & inhibitor. My final point…. Lead….. Follow OR Get Out Of The FCKIN way.

      1. Lots of people have expressed dislike for iOS 7. I work in an Apple retail store. I’ve heard dozens of people express their dislike, or at least dislike for certain changes. My neighbour expressed his dislike, without me asking him. I heard people in Tim Hortons having coffee expressing their dislike.

        Seriously where have you been. Not one person.

        Apple really should give people the option to downgrade if they want to, then everyone would be happy.

      2. Opinion. Everyone has one. They don’t have to agree with you or me. I’m getting ready to upgrade to a couple of 5S’s. So I don’t know yet as to whether I will like it or not? But something that you seem to have forgotten or neglected to mention, people who buy new phones have iOS 7 installed. If people want to upgrade to the new operating system, and eventually we all have to, you have to upgrade to iOS 7. So don’t be so disingenuous as to act like everyone is upgrading to iOS 7 because they want to and they all love it. If you like it fine. I hope I like it. But then again, I won’t have much choice with new phones will I? No, I won’t. I hope that Apple allows some adjustment for those who prefer some of the old stuff. From what little I’ve seen of iOS 7 it’s not very appealing. But I’ll certainly give it a chance and besides, I have no choice but to live with it. Remember, opinions. Everyone has one. Quit acting like a rabid mad dog fanboy. WindBlows? MicroSloth? Been around since 1978? You’re way too old to be acting like a fool.

        1. iOS 7 is really very good. But like all things be, it takes time to learn, to train oneself or be trained. Apple’s One-on-One is a good way to start.

          This is called what everyone said Apple could no longer do–innovate. Well, folks, this is innovation. Embrace the product, take some time each day to treat yourself just a little bit of it. Then have some great fun. It’s far from a Vista or the stupid Windows 8.

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