Siri, make the screen 10% darker

MacDailyNews reader Dino Moshova writes:

Here is an iOS 7 tip I haven’t seen before.

I knew that you could have Siri show you the settings, like:

• “Show me available Wi-Fi networks”

But, you can also ask Siri to make setting changes for you. For example:

• “Make the screen 10% darker”
• “Turn airplane mode on”
• “Turn off cellular data”

Have you found Siri in iOS 7 to offer you something new that’s useful and/or fun? Let us know below.

MacDailyNews Take: Let Siri turn Personal Hotspot on and off, too, Apple? Pretty please?


  1. If only I could put Siri in my new Ford Fusion. Ford uses Microsoft Sync (stink). What a piece of crap. At least when I give Siri a command she doesn’t reply with “Please say a command” repeatedly no matter how many times I rephrase it. I know off topic, my apologies. All these wonderful Siri tips make me happy and sad. Sigh! 😐

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