Pandora drops as much as 12% on Apple’s iTunes Radio competition

“Pandora Media Inc. (P), the biggest Web radio service, fell as much as 12 percent after Apple Inc. (AAPL) said it attracted more than 11 million unique listeners to the new iTunes Radio service,” Rob Golum reports for Bloomberg News.

“Pandora, with 72 million active listeners, slid to $23.99 at 11:35 a.m. in New York after falling as low as $23.77 intraday,” Golum reports. “Apple, based in Cupertino, California, rose 4.4 percent to $487.96 after reaching $496.91 intraday.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Pandora Media Inc., “the biggest Web radio service.”

Enjoy that description while you can, Pandora.

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  1. Dammit! I too knew iRadio will put Pandora in a lot of hurt. I was hoping to get to buy long term puts on Pandora with the stock trading at all time highs, something I thought about doing with Blackberry (RIMM) but didn’t actually do back when RIMM was trading at $110 per share.
    With this quick drop, it makes it a riskier proposition. I think analyst will prop it up above $20 for a while.

  2. iTunes Radio has worked well for me, but until it is supported over my cellular data connection, Pandora will always have a place on my iPhone. It also helps that my after-market car radio integrates with the Pandora app, so that I can give Thumbs Up/Down to songs using the head unit’s buttons.

      1. Must be a bug in iOS 7 for me then. Whenever I try to play it in the car (or anywhere else not wi-fi), it pops up and tells me to connect to a Wi-Fi network. I have Verizon, and I’m on an iPhone 5, so it’s LTE as well.

        1. I toggled off the Cellular Data switch in the iTunes and App Store settings, quit the Music app, then toggled cellular data on, then reopened Music. Now iTunes Radio works.

          Thanks everyone for pointing out that it should work over cellular. Given what my phone was telling me, I’d have never know otherwise without stumbling onto an article or comment.

  3. I do not see an end to Pandora until Apple can get the genre figured out. My first station was Sting. THe first some was actually Sting. The next umpteen were classical… A monkey would have picked the songs better. Same with every other stations I picked.

    1. Sting was my 1st station too and my experience was the same. I was shocked when the station tried playing Frank Sinatra.

      I like iTunes Radio, but I’m hoping I can help it to learn my preferences better than it is doing right now. I have to say though iTunes Radio plays a wider range than Pandora. I find that after 2 hours on one station on Pandora, it starts to repeat songs. This hasn’t happened on iTunes yet.

  4. Also, I hate the “in your face” push to order the song from iTunes. The number of times I have actually ordered a song I heard on Pandora is zero… Variety and super low cost (I don’t like the ads) is the reason why I use Pandora. I would guess that very few purchases are made through these channels.

  5. First of all, not that excited about Pandora going down the tubes. Been using iTunes Radio now and while it’s exciting to see a great service built into iTunes, with a huge inventory of songs, I still prefer Pandora’s music/artist info, and what’s up with the repeat songs on iTunes Radio.

    By the way, I’ve never subscribed to pandora and did pay for iTunes Match.

    Also, Pandora is an easy target. I doubt they make the big bucks. Who really cares that iTunes is cleaning them up…actually, I’d like to see them succeed somehow.

    What’s really interesting is Spotify vs iTunes Radio.

  6. Tried iTunes Radio on my iPhone and MacBook Pro, and it’s pretty nice. Holding off on my Apple TV for awhile to make sure I don’t have an issue like some others. But I’ll still stick with SiriusXM for my car; I’ve never had a problem with it wherever I’ve been.

  7. Keeping up my reputation for praising Apple when they’re great and hosing Apple when they blunder:

    I’m sticking with Pandora. I spent last night bashing around in iTunes Radio and was NOT pleased with what I was hearing in their early DJ set. Pretty awful crap in general.

    AND you can’t Thumbs Up anything (not that I found anyway).

    AND you only get a limited number of Skips out of crap tunes per ‘Station’. THAT was the deal killer for me. Sorry Apple, but crap is crap and I don’t listen to crap no matter how much the media branch of our Corporate Oligarchy is on your back to push their most-favored-turds on we, the customers who enable their entire existence as businesses. No, I don’t deal with cutting off my ‘Skips’.

    Bless you Pandora: Pioneers and still the best!

    Place ‘shoot the messenger’ baby game flames below. Thoughtful replies are also welcome.

    1. Agreed. Apple didn’t seem to plow new ground as far as limits go.

      I don’t subscribe to Pandora as I said. So does Pandora offer unlimited skips…more than 5?

      I started three stations, three different artists, somewhat based on the same style. I received the exact same tracks in each station. I don’t know. Just wasn’t expecting it, and it’s because I assumed that with Apple’s huge inventory I’d get a wider array.

      So my guess is what you, DC, say is true, it’s select tracks that are offered up by companies at lower costs to promote artists…much like…radio.

      Well. There ya have it. Radio!

      1. My apologies if that has changed. I’ve been listening mostly to a set I created months ago and may well not be using the 6 skips limit there. Certainly, in the past, I’ve skipped far more than 6 via a web browser when trying to hone down a set.

        In any case, 6 skips does not a pleased Derek-customer make. Most certainly, gagging customer with most-favored-turd tunes turns me right off, or rather, I turn the offending service right off. I have far better things to do that get manipulated by marketing-morons (as opposed to beloved marketing-mavens). I don’t deal with customer abuse. And so on, said it a million times. 😡

  8. I don’t really care for Pandora. I’m more of a Slacker/TuneIn Radio fan. I’ll stick to both of those services. Those two Internet radio services have the best selection of music in my opinion. And TuneIn Radio has actual over-the-air radio stations from around the world, so that really gives it quite the diversity in terms of music.

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