Apple planning special event to unveil new iPads, Haswell-powered Macs on October 15th

“Mid-October could very well see the introduction of a new line of iPads, if reports from French site MacGeneration are to be believed,” Kevin Bostic reports for MacRumors.

“This latest rumor also posits that Apple could take the opportunity to introduce new, Haswell-powered versions of several of its Mac desktop and notebook devices,” Bostic reports. “An October 15 event would fall just shy of last year’s iPad event, in which Apple introduced the fourth-generation iPad and the iPad mini.”

Bostic reports, “With regard to the full-size iPad, the prevailing opinion is that Apple will rework the design of the device, bringing it more in line with the look of the iPad mini. For months now, images of the full-size iPad’s redesigned case have leaked, showing it looking more like the mini with its slim bezel and thinner profile. The iPad mini, though, remains a comparative mystery.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. Let’s hope this “special” Apple event will see more than just a Haswell processor added to a slightly modified number of Mac devices. Noted in this post is the word “iPad.” Captain Cook has been steering the Apple ship toward the new AT&T: Apple Telephone and Tablet. Let’s pray that those of us who use Macs aren’t forgotten: Where is a refresh of the SuperDrive, which remains a piece of crap? Where is the “great” productivity software Captain Cook keeps promising, such as iWork with common sense features like selecting a default font or “Save As”? Where is an OS that is feature rich and that doesn’t have to be updated every year to correct last year’s problems or is only written for the most recent processor (which means a two or three year old Mac has to be shelved in order to buy a new one to run the OS – sound like MS?)? Let’s hope that Captain Cook’s promise to Apple’s Board of Directors about his commitment to the Mac and software development rings true. If it doesn’t, expect Apple to continue sailing toward becoming the new AT&T: Apple Telephone and Tablet.

    1. I don’t think there will ever be a refresh of the SuperDrive. Apple seems to have gotten away from physical media as much as possible. A better option is a portable blu ray drive which in most cases is cheaper than a SuperDrive anyways.

      1. Optical media is currently a train wreck. DVDs still live. I still use them for backups. But they’re too small in data size for most tasks. Meanwhile, Sony totally botched Blu-ray do to their nasty, paranoiac penchant for DRM (digital rights management) and user surveillance. Screw Blu-Ray. Screw Sony. That means any future optical media isn’t going to be much more than too little, too late, been there, hated that, bye-bye legacy tech. Yawn. 😛

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