Apple planning special event to unveil new iPads, Haswell-powered Macs on October 15th

“Mid-October could very well see the introduction of a new line of iPads, if reports from French site MacGeneration are to be believed,” Kevin Bostic reports for MacRumors.

“This latest rumor also posits that Apple could take the opportunity to introduce new, Haswell-powered versions of several of its Mac desktop and notebook devices,” Bostic reports. “An October 15 event would fall just shy of last year’s iPad event, in which Apple introduced the fourth-generation iPad and the iPad mini.”

Bostic reports, “With regard to the full-size iPad, the prevailing opinion is that Apple will rework the design of the device, bringing it more in line with the look of the iPad mini. For months now, images of the full-size iPad’s redesigned case have leaked, showing it looking more like the mini with its slim bezel and thinner profile. The iPad mini, though, remains a comparative mystery.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


    1. Mikey,

      We’ve already been told that the Mac Pro will show up this fall. Therefore it will be formally announced in full detail on or before 21 December 2013. (The teaser at WWDC does not count as a full, formal announcement.)

      When it will finally ship may be a totally different story.

    2. Yes, Apple needs to start shipping the Mac Pro units or we will see last years iMac debacle happen again with the Mac Pro this time. This Mac Pro will pass the European environmental standards.

      Clueless idiot is focussed on the outer shape of the edge. I believe the A7 and M7 chips with the low light and improved photos with the NSA resistant finger identification security may be the selling point driving up the refresh replacement rate of the iPad. Not the edge.

    1. iOS 7 is already Golden Master or close to it, so no last minute features like multiple user logins can be added, and “I touch” isn’t a real apple product.

      1. > and “I touch” isn’t a real apple product.

        Nor are MBA, MBP, rMBA, rMBP or ATV, but no one complains when those shorthands are used. Almost everyone here knows what they mean, even if we cringe a bit at this particular one.

  1. I am desperately trying to find a reason to buy a new Mac Pro, but keep finding myself working more and more on the road, so prolly will go with a maxed out 15″ rMBP. Hopefully they’ll be even thinner. I’m hoping they give an option for 2GB Flash. 768 just won’t cut it.

    1. I’m now hoping for iTouch on the r-series. Sooo sick of password hell on all the sites I don’t choose to store my password for.

      Recognize it might take some time (a year? more?) to link up authentication on third-party sites (if Apple allows that/creates an API for it) at all. Still, these two adds could make life a tad easier..

      1. You really don’t want third party sites to have anything to do with a biometric identifier.
        It’s ok if you want your website password remembered, on your local encrypted drive, and that memorized password only invoked with your fingerprint, But giving anybody in the world easy access to a password that you can’t change, your fingerprint, is a really bad idea.
        If the Touch ID on the 5s is really only kept locally, encrypted, and deleted after 48 hours, that’s a fairly secure implementation. But having biometric info transmitted over the Internet in any way is asking for trouble.

        1. Rex -You were right at first and then went down the wrong avenue.

          A third party site would still need a password which you would supply, but when you access that site subsequently you can ( optionally ) have your password automatically sent to that site so long as you were identified as the user by means of your fingerprint.

          Your encrypted fingerprint data always stays encoded within your iDevice and neither Apple nor any third party can have access to it and neither is it transmitted from that device at any stage.

  2. Another event, another reason to drop the stock. It’s a small price to pay to see the analysts and the jouranalist get knocked down, kicked and beaten and to watch them stooopidily get up and speculate because they are incapable of learning from their mistakes.

    Oh that investigative reporting that totally missed the the 64 bit chip in the new iphone.

    Go ahead Whore Street, push that price down. Small price to pay to remain pimp free.

  3. Agreed….this proprietary non-upgradable crap is for the birds. But that is the way of the future with the Air design.

    I also want my 17″ back! I’m still running on a Late 2009 17 MacBook Pro. About time to update it, but I can’t go back to a 13″ or 15″.

    1. I’m sticking with my 2009 Mac Pro for as long as possible. I like having the internal storage. Will probably upgrade to an SSD and get a few more years out of it along with a video card upgrade as well.

        1. IGZO may give you the battery life you want. Unfortunately, Apple’s obsession with thinness will likely lead to design of MacBook Pros with MBA-like anorexic dimensions.

  4. This sounds interesting. The new Macs look very intriguing, but I unfortunately don’t have the money for it. Guess I’ll have to stay with Mac Mini for the time being…

    1. I’m still using my 2007 Mac Pro and I’m dying to upgrade. That said this old MP has been a helluva reliable machine. Much better than my 2005 G5 Mac Pro and its many problems, not to mention the 747 loud internal turbo cooling fans every time the processor has to do something just a little hard.. Hopefully the new one will be as dependable as the Intel 2007 model.

  5. It’s an unconfirmed rumor and it comes at a time when I’m desperately in need of new equipment. My iMac is chugging along at 7 years old and I’m hoping a Retina version is released this year, with a Retina iPad mini. They’ll play nicely with the 5S I’m planning to get.

    1. Exactly…on almost all counts although my iMac is an ’08. An SSD made it seem new last year, but can’t wait to get my hands on a 27″ Retina iMac. Guessing no retina but it would be an a very pleasant surprise. Retina iPad mini, check. iPhone 5s, check.

      Would love a new Mac Pro and a 27″ Cinema Display, but just cannot justify it. Wait…maybe if I try really, really hard… 😉

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