AAPL drops as Apple’s silence on iPhone 5c pre-sale number causes worry among investors

“Shares of AAPL stock were off nearly $12, or more than 2.5 percent, Monday morning,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider. “Market watchers believe negative sentiment may stem from the fact that Apple did not publish a press release touting preorders for the iPhone 5c, which became available to pre-purchase last Friday.”

“Apple didn’t announce presale figures for the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, or iPhone 3GS,” Hughes reports. “But starting with the iPhone 4 in 2010, the company has boasted new record preorder numbers every year.”

Hughes reports, “However, this year also marks the first time Apple is launching two new iPhone models: the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s… As such, the iPhone 5c may not be as appealing to early adopters who are likely to want Apple’s latest and greatest model, the iPhone 5s.”

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  1. Apple historically does not provide breakout of how much of any product line has sold, in terms of product mix (e.g., iPad and iPad Mini, MBP w/Retina, MBA), if you listen to their earnings call. This is especially true for iPhone mix (i.e., 5, 4S, 4 most recently)

    This is no different. Apple simple does not want to give out the granular information regards to how many of 5C sold because it would give away how many 5S is sold by the difference of numbers.

    Most investors are just reacting to headlines without any thought or logic. China Unicom lowering their subsidy may or may not be a big deal, since over 80% of phones in China are sold without subsidy to begin with…

  2. Just say the iPhone 5c is a great success and don’t publish any numbers like Amazon did with the Kindle. I’m sure the press will treat Apple the same way they treated Amazon.
    It worked for them! 😉

  3. Maybe that’s because not very many people want to “upgrade” to a new device that is second class. I. Think the same goes for first timers. These will be sold to people for their kids, maybe, but the small price difference is not likely to lure many adults who can afford an iPhone.

  4. I stand by my belief that Apple will eventually sell a ton of 5C’s. However, it’s not a “line up on day 1” kinda thing. Nobody with an iPhone 5 is going to buy a 5C. The sales are going to go to first-time buyers and folks upgrading from 4’s and 4S’s. And those are not the type to pre-order or run to the store on the first day.

    The 5C is taking over the 5’s spot in the product lineup, and it will sell like the 5 did, only better because of the color options. If the 5 had been pushed down to the #2 spot, like the 4S was when the 5 came out, no one would be talking about pre-orders or first-weekend sales. But because the 5C is ostensibly a “new” model, there’s all this fretting. It’s just silly.


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