AAPL drops as Apple’s silence on iPhone 5c pre-sale number causes worry among investors

“Shares of AAPL stock were off nearly $12, or more than 2.5 percent, Monday morning,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider. “Market watchers believe negative sentiment may stem from the fact that Apple did not publish a press release touting preorders for the iPhone 5c, which became available to pre-purchase last Friday.”

“Apple didn’t announce presale figures for the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, or iPhone 3GS,” Hughes reports. “But starting with the iPhone 4 in 2010, the company has boasted new record preorder numbers every year.”

Hughes reports, “However, this year also marks the first time Apple is launching two new iPhone models: the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s… As such, the iPhone 5c may not be as appealing to early adopters who are likely to want Apple’s latest and greatest model, the iPhone 5s.”

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  1. I wouldn’t call the iPhone 5c new. Same insides as the 5, with a plastic shell. Can you blame the public for not being excited? The 5c is a pure marketing oriented product. Let’s see the numbers when the 5s his.

    1. With what? I have 1,000 Shares, not selling other stocks, they are doing very well. Many of us have a lot of AAPL and not so much available cash. On margin is truly not an option.
      We ain’t seen the bottom and will not until a cheaper 5c and bigger 6. This is going to be a rough ride, buy more at your peril.

  2. All of today’s losses means absolutely nothing in the long-term scheme of things. I’m just pissed on general principle when I see Google sitting up there untouchable after disrupting the entire smartphone industry with free Android. How I’d love to see Apple go after Google in some form or fashion. Some companies just never have value problems and Google is one of them.

  3. Apple didn’t get the memo that carriers and customers are preferring off contract phones that they purchase straight out. No more of this, and it costs the same, $99.00 stuff.

  4. investors and analysts should ask themselves:

    1) will the colourful 5c sell more than a 5 (i.e if they had kept the ‘old phone lower price’ system) ? my guess is yes

    2) is the plastic case cheaper to make than the metal 5?
    My guess is yes.

    so apple should make more money,
    why are the analysts and investors (who are selling aapl) then so pissed off with apple’s strategy? Any company who comes out with a bigger margin product selling at the same price which should sell more would be rewarded but not Apple.

    Personally I suspect that the 5C will sell when people actually have a chance to hold it in their hands. People want to check out a new casing.
    People think its a cheap (samsung like) plastic thingy, it’s not.

    Gruber is one of those who have held one:

    “Yes, it’s plastic, but there’s nothing cheap about it. It has a far better fit and finish, and feels way better in your hand, than Apple’s previous foray into plastic iPhones, the 3G and 3GS. The 5C feels like a premium product.”

    1. The reason investors are pissed off is that in order for a company to make a profit, it must first sell its product. if you can afford a 5C, you might just as well buy the 5S which is a lot more phone for just a little more money ($100.00).

      Regardless of how well the 5S sells, it looks as if Apple’s 5C’s will be a drag on the 5S because of unsold 5C’s.

      1. I don’t quite get your logic
        so you’re saying the 5C will sell less than if they have kept the old 5 and just drop the price to 99?

        Previously the 4 and 4S were big sellers when the priced was dropped in spite of the 5 being superior (just like the 5S is now) Last quarter to the amazement of analysts the iphone numbers blew away estimates in spite of having no phone refreshes (they say that people kept buying the old phones, i.e lots of people were NOT looking for the latest or greatest) (if people were looking for the latest why not just buy the 5 or wait a little bit and buy the 5S?)

        I’m saying the colour 5C will sell even better than if they have just kept the 5 so apple apple will even make more money.

        1. Please go back and re-read the posts. No one is talking about the iPhone 5, only the 5C and 5S.

          That’s why Apple hasn’t released any 5C pre-order figures. Apple probably won’t release any pre-order figures on the 5S for fear it will illustrate that only it is selling well.

          1. dude the 5c is basically a ‘repackaged’ 5.

            instead of keeping the 5 (like the 4 and 4s in previous periods) it repackaged it in plastic colours and is selling them at 99 (just like it would have sold the 5 if the old system was kept)

            I’m saying by repackaging it they are probably going to sell more than keeping the metal 5 at 99. and the profit margins of the plastic is better.
            get it now?

            also the 5C is not going to cannibalize the metal 5S like a metal 5 (kept at 99 in the old system) would have hence people who really want a metal iPhone would spend more on a 5S thus increasing profits again,

            seriously dude you are arguing with me but you don’t get Apple’s history of iPhone sales or what the 5C is at all.

  5. I know Apple doesn’t care about the stock price but I am starting to get a little leary of all these bumps and falls. I really thought they would bring out a surprise bigger than a 64-bit chip. I get that but Wall Street doesn’t. I’m tired of a being a poor working bastard that loses retirement money on the whims of some pieces of shite on Wall Street. Can’t Apple take its shares off the market, sell them privately through the company and stop this nonsense once and for all? Wouldn’t that ultimately be better for everyone? I want an iShare and I want it in 2014.

    1. “Can’t Apple take its shares off the market, sell them privately through the company ”

      the shares being traded today (which causes aapl to go up or down) are in the hands of private investors. Apple has no control over them.

      Apple does have some shares which it uses for bonuses etc. It also does some buybacks on the open market. Buybacks reduce the number of shares in the market and in theory should improve share price . But beyond that apple has little control over share price.

      Apple doesn’t need to issue new shares as it has all the capital it needs. (It does have a fiduciary responsibility to shareholders who already own shares as it is a public company). It can’t go private like Dell presently as Apple’s market cap (worth of private shares ) is in the hundreds of billions and no individuals have the cash (including Apple) to buy it and make it private.

      (like I said beyond making great products, buybacks and PR Apple has little control over share price)

      (by the way 70% of apple shares are in the hands of big investors like hedge and mutual funds. And shareholders elect the Board who can hire or fire the CEO)

  6. Presale started for China and Hong Kong today at 6am. I’ve been seated at the computer (2 of them), 2 iPads, 2 iPhones, refreshing on the same reservation page for the last half an hour. Can’t get on the page… What kind of numbers would bring Apple’s server down?

  7. Arent people too impatient? Apple released two iPhones, right? 5C, while its already on sale, is NOT the flagship. Apple is waiting for the numbers to come in for 5S so they can announce both, or combined for a more impressive sales numbers.

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