Apple’s new iPhone 5s is the world’s first and only 64-bit smartphone – and it will be king of the hill for quite some time

“One of the flagship features of Apple’s new iPhone 5s is that it has at its heart the 64-bit A7 chip,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for ZDNet.

“Apple has scored a win here over Android handset makers. The 64-bit chips for Android devices aren’t ready, and neither is Android itself. It is likely that Android 5.0 will be the first version to fully utilize the new ARMv8 architecture,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “For now, this gives Apple a clear lead over the competition, and the gap is unlikely to the closed until 2014 at the earliest.”

Kingsley-Hughes writes, “Apple openly acknowledges that moving iOS up to 64-bit brings iOS and OS X apps much closer. Take this line from Apple’s 64-bit iOS 7 documentation: ‘The architecture for 64-bit apps on iOS is almost identical to the architecture for OS X apps, making it easy to create a common code base that runs in both operating systems.’ This could be huge.”

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  1. This is downright hilarious! frandroid users are going to be lagging behind for so long now and us smart iPhone owners can proudly continue with the best of the best hardware software and company. I can’t believe frandoid users actually trying to defend their device, it’s like they’ve never used an iPhone! I’ve never had my iPhone crash, freeze, or lag, but almost every time one of my acquaintances (I can’t call such idiots my friends) who uses a frandroid device trys to use it I watch them have to wait for it to start whatever app they want to run and not to mention they can’t even smoothly transition between screens! I have an acquaintance who calls himself some sort of computer wizard, he says his $am$ung galaxy s4 is the best phone to get but apparently has some extra “bloatware” touchsizzle thing on it! My iPhone never had such stuff lol. So then he goes on to say how he removed it and had to reinstall the entire system just to get it off, then he had to install somy cyan-gen-mod to get his battery to last any respectable time (I still have never seen any frandroid device make it through the day, my iPhone happily goes for hours though) and also that cyan thing is supposed to make it lag less, and it helps but still doesn’t have the pure fluid experience that iOS has. I really feel sorry for frandriod users in their poor delusions about their phone.

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