Carl Icahn buys ‘quite a bit more’ Apple shares following unveiling of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c

“Despite the fact that Apple’s stock value has taken a more than 5% dip since the company’s unveiling of the iPhone 5c and 5s yesterday, key shareholder and billionaire investor Carl Icahn has bought ‘quite a bit more’ stock today,” Alex Heath reports for Cult of Mac.

“In an interview with CNBC, Icahn described AAPL as a ‘no-brainer,'” Heath reports, “and repeatedly insisted that now is the time to buy.”


Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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    1. Damn! I’m not sure about the Queen, but Icahn is a prick. There’s no doubt about that. He’s the last thing that Apple and AAPL need. He is not investor friendly. He is not an activist investor. He’s a prick. As I said before, Apple needs coverage of its new products not about Carl Icahn owning a minute percentage of shares of stock. He is rotten to the core. He is the bad apple in the barrel.

        1. He’ll yank the rug out from under these poor AAPL investors who think he’s on their side. I’ve seen him do it before. They won’t know what hit them. And he’s hardly a major player. He’s just an attention seeker with a big ego. And the media plays right into his game.

    2. You must know your parasites well. Do you actually know the value of either of these people? Although I am not a fan of Queen Elizabeth, she has kept a tiny country together and unified and relevant in the world power dynamics.

      Carl Icahn finds poorly performing companies and reorganizes them to become profitable again and eventually employ a lot of people.

      Both these people have a world impact that is far more positive than someone who posts on this site.

      1. Bravo. Still, you may have observed that provocative one-liners and interrogative headlines travel better than cogent observations on sites such as this. Justice, and the truth, seem to forever lie just beyond our grasp.

          1. I like how your comment could be read as pointing out that “the American way” is a thing separate from truth and justice. Not sure you meant it that way, but if so, good job on a stealthy way of pointing out something that has been demonstrated time and again.

  1. > Despite the fact that Apple’s stock value has taken a more than 5% dip since the company’s unveiling of the iPhone 5c and 5s yesterday…

    “Despite”? More like “because of”… That’s why he’s the “billionaire.”

  2. The fingerprint sensor. They did it. Add that to a color lineup of phones, and I think Apple will be just fine.

    It’s like when they came out with the iPad 3. They actually did it (retina display on a tablet), and proved how ahead of the competition they are.

  3. I still don’t quite see why Icahn is buying while nearly everyone else is selling. Still, he only has to wait until Apple shares get back to a little over $500 to make plenty of money. Apple will certainly go to $510 at some point in time this year. That still leaves a lot of last years’ investors holding a a nearly empty bag. Apple makes owning Google, Netflix or Amazon feel like a cakewalk for those shareholders. Those stocks only go up with very gentle dips along the way.

    1. He’s buying because it’s good PR for him and the stock. “If Carl Icahn is buying more maybe I’ll buy more!” He’s trying to protect his position. And you’re right about Google, Netflix and Amazon. And there’s nothing to keep you from investing in them. Millions of people do. Successfully. AAPL isn’t the only stock out there for you to put your money in. Diversify. Never live and die with one stock. That generally turns out bad.

  4. first – he is not a key shareholder – he has a 1 or 2% stake.

    His investment decisions are for him to make based on his assessment of their underlying value.

    When it comes to meetings with Apple CEO – he should still be told to **** off. If Apple wants/needs to buy Nuance it would/should do so, but not just to make CI richer.

    Apple has enough in the war chest to make its own decisions – that wouldappear to be SJ’s legacy. Investors in it for the profit should be given no favours – that’s the route to crap investments, crap products and a crap future.

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