New in OS X Mavericks: OpenGL 4.1 brings increased performance, more features

“One of the most-anticipated features in OS X Mavericks is OpenGL 4.1 support. Though Apple is typically tight-lipped on the subject, a range of informal beta testers have stepped forward to flesh out what OpenGL 4.1 means for Mac users vis-a-vis features and performance for OS X Mavericks users,” FairerPlatform reports.

“Tesselation, is a technology that allows more realistic shading of irregular objects, which has been available on other platforms for years,” FairerPlatform reports. “Rishi Kumar, who moonlights as an anesthesiology resident, compatibility and performance tested OpenGL on his hotrod Hackintosh running OS X Mavericks (DP1). He discovered that OS X 10.9 provides wall-to-wall v4.1 compatibility and significant performance improvements (vs OS X 10.8.4)”

FairerPlatform reports, “Yes, OpenGL 4.1 support is looking good. However, it’s just one bullet point on Apple’s list of advanced OS X 10.9 features that also includes Memory Compression, OpenCL 2, Timer Coalescing, System-wide Core Animation and more. OS X Mavericks will deliver one heckuva a lot more than eye candy when it arrives in late October.”

More info and benchmarks in the full article here.


  1. This is Apple’s typical “barely there” support for OpenGL.

    Mavericks will ship with OpenGL 4.1 support sometime between today and Christmas this year.

    The OpenGL 4.2 standard has been out for over two years.
    The OpenGL 4.3 standard has been out for over a year.
    The OpneGL 4.4 standard has been our for over a month.

    While I would not expect Apple to have full OpenGL 4.4 support in Mavericks, I am a bit surprised that they are still, just now, supporting an OpenGL version that was issued back in July of 2010! Hell there are even three year old video cards (that Apple sells) that support OpenGL 4.3!

    And no, OpenGL support is NOT just or gamers. Graphics people and compute people use OpenGL too.

    1. I honestly can not understand why Apple was and is so slow and dragging in OpenGL support.

      Are here any developers that were in WWDC this June and asked Apple engineers why is that?

    2. Maybe compatibility with the rest of the operating system and new enhancements need to be considered? Its possible that the OpenGL updates will come pretty quick now that the 4.1 will ship.

      ?? Maybe ??

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