Apple kicks Microsoft when it’s down with free iWork for iOS apps

“Apple used its iPhone launch to take a swipe at Microsoft,” Brian R. Fitzgerald writes for The Wall Street Journal. “During its presentation Tuesday, Apple said it would make its suite of office-productivity apps called iWork free on any new iPhone and iPad.”

“When Microsoft finally brought its popular Office program to iOS, it put serious handcuffs on them. Now Office faces competition from a bigger roster of free mobile rivals, too, including not only the iWork apps but also Google Docs. Consumers must pay $99.99 a year to access Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps on their iPhones or Android devices,” Fitzgerald writes. “‘Already Microsoft has left customers stranded on mobile, and Apple is taking advantage of that opportunity to push its own software,’ said Sarah Rotman Epps, a senior analyst with Forrester Research.”

Fitzgerald writes, “But analysts say Microsoft is hurting Office — a business that generated about $16 billion of operating profit in the last fiscal year — by refusing to make full-fledged versions for all iOS and Android devices. Of course, if Microsoft does so, the company risks one of the major exclusive selling points of tablets, PCs and phones running Windows.”

MacDailyNews Take: That are not selling. Hopefully, by the grace of Jobs, Microsoft doesn’t get a CEO in there with at least half a brain, so that the world can be properly weaned off the bloated mess that is Office.

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote back in July:

Microsoft had a chance to preserve one of their cash cows by making Office for iOS and Android. That window of opportunity is closing, if it hasn’t already.

The world has or soon will realize that, no, actually you do not need Microsoft Office to word process or create spreadsheets and presentations.

The failure to create Office for iOS and Android in a misguided push to sell tablets and phones running Microsoft OSes will be looked at as one of, if not the, biggest mistake Microsoft made during their ill-fated attempt to recover after being repeatedly, unmercifully steamrolled by Apple’s Steve Jobs with the iPhone, iPad, iCloud, App Store and the rest of the formidable iOS ecosystem.

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  1. Apple kicking down Microsoft is irrelevant but they certainly are kicking down Apple customers which forces them to buy new idevices every year just because something is going to be free or available only in the newer purchases. What happened to customer expieriencing Apple product instead of using them..Looks like Apple is becoming the new Microsoft. I certainly am not going to buy a new idevice I just purchased an iphone and Mac Book. I wont get iwork because I bought it before sept 1st thats ridiculous. If its compatible with iOS 7 then give to all.

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