Apple patent filing reveals fingerprint scanner with advanced NFC application built into the Home Button

“When Apple revealed the iPhone 5 last year, many were confused as to why Apple didn’t include NFC technology,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“Apple’s VP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller stated at the time that it wasn’t clear that NFC was the solution to any current problem,” Purcher reports. “That was a nice misdirection Phil, really. Because as Phil was saying that, Apple had already filed for a wild fingerprint sensor/NFC patent that he was fully aware of.”

Patently Apple recently discovered this patent application in Europe that details an incredible fingerprint scanner with advanced integrated NFC circuitry that will deliver features that no one saw coming!” Purcher reports. “It appears that Apple is about to show the world a little more true innovation Apple-style next week when they introduce the iPhone 5S with a newly designed Home Button with an integrated fingerprint scanner and much more.”

Apple's next patent FIG. 5 is a cross-sectional side view of the new Home button.
Apple’s next patent FIG. 5 is a cross-sectional side view of the new Home button.

Much more in the full article – highly recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ve seen that ring in leaked photos out of China that claim to be of iPhone 5S’ packaging showing a new Home Button:

iPhone 5S packaging featuring new Home Button design
iPhone 5S packaging featuring new Home Button design

This patent application is well-worth reading – it may well give many clues as to what’s to come next week and/or in the future.

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  1. Lots to like about this. Contactless payment, (NFC), is only now starting to creep into stores in the UK, WHSmith, the magazine, book and stationery retailer have only just installed it, as I saw the contact points by the tills today, so if this facility can be cross-linked to a bank account then it’s a killer feature, coupled with NFC charging, and data connection with in-car entertainment, then it’ll kick Samsung and MS’s ass big-time! Brilliant!

  2. Jack Purcher also picks up on the inductive coupling aspect of the patent and speculates that this could have something to do with wireless charging and speculates that the iPhone could be wirelessly recharged instead of by the Lightning connector.

    I am tempted to pick up that ball and run in a different direction. How about if the inductive charging were so that the iPhone’s battery could inductively charge something else, like an iWatch ?

  3. I like the patent information a lot. But it doesn’t have to come out next week. It could be introduced in a MacBook in the spring, or in a future iPad mini or the iPhone 6 in 2014.

    So what if it’s delayed, it’s the fact that they have the technology to implement it whenever it ready. The buzz is great, but just keep in mind that sometimes features get delayed for many, many reasons. If it arrives Tuesday I’d be happy. But if Apple couldn’t get it ready on time, that’s fine too. It will in time.

  4. I have a feeling many people are going to be very disappointed on Tuesday with what Apple is going to be putting out. The fingerprint and NFC stuff won’t be in the next phone, as it’s not ready for prime time yet. The complex components and environmental settings needed for fingerprint technology to work right isn’t ready for the masses or the average person. The real world is to messy for this rather fragile technology. Most people beat the crap out of their phones and fingerprint technology can’t survive the conditions the average person is going to put their phones in. As well the NFC infrastructure is not yet available and won’t be for awhile. Apple has passbook to fill in till NFC is ready and reliable. So for all you Apple fans out their be prepared to be disappointed on Tuesday. All that you’re going to get is a minor upgrade to the Phone 5 with a few tweaks to it. A faster processor is a given, a camera that’s a little better, an improved Siri and maps, maybe a bigger storage capacity, and a redesigned OS that will have a few new features……and oh some new colors to choose from. Plus, a cheaper plastic phone as well that’s going to be an iPhone 5 on the inside. I think way to many people put to much faith in Apple these days as an innovator. I love Apple and their products but the reality of it is………..innovating at a slower pace is more profitable then innovating at a faster pace. The average consumer is happy with what they have and change to fast is something most consumers don’t like. Apple knows this and will change products accordingly. Fan boys you are SOL…’re a small market and don’t have much influence.

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