No new Apple TV device next week, but software will be updated, sources say

“There are very, very good odds you’re going to hear about new iPhones at Apple’s event next Tuesday,” Peter Kafka reports for AllThingsD. “But if you’re looking for a new Apple TV, you’re going to be disappointed.”

“Despite speculation about new Apple TV hardware on the way, Apple won’t be unveiling any new boxes next week, according to people familiar with the company’s plans,” Kafka reports. “That said, the company will be tweaking the software inside its Web TV box. Apple has already said that it will be bringing its new iTunes Radio service to Apple TV. And it has been adding new content partners, including Disney and HBO, throughout the summer. Expect to hear about more changes next week.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Subtitle for iOS 7 release: “Pandora’s Pain.”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


    1. This will be announced late Winter or early Spring after the AppleTV gets the iOS 7 code update and a hardware refresh (more memory, on-board storage and beefier SoC). Once game controllers are made possible, then we’ll see a new interface, along with an AppleTV AppStore. It will be a specialized store limited to entertainment apps/titles only.

  1. I’m not surprised, and I am sure Kafka is spot-on. Next week will be focused, as it should, on the iPhone. Apple’s next big step in TV will likely have an event of its own.

    I patiently await that. With the Christmas holidays ahead, I have a hunch in a month or two, Apple will time an announcement to catch the wave at exactly the right moment.

    1. I’m still not convinced that iTV is an actual HDTV set. It might be an app like iRadio – which is not a radio but an app.

      I can see Apple licensing an iTV app to be included in HDTV sets made by LG, Samsung, et al. but I don’t see Apple getting into a market that doesn’t return profit margins they’re accustomed to.

  2. Apple should talk about how iOS has the greater advantage in apps compared to Android. My friend (God bless his heart) is a Phandroid, and has an Android tablet, yet he spends most of his time on emulators, (both retro and modern), and I asked him why, and he said today’s companies never port their classic games to Android, and only to iOS, and emulation is his only way to get certain games. If only he gotten an iPad.

    1. Your friend is a bona fide aficionado and deserves the best platform for retro gaming experience. Tell him for me: true love, dreams of past glory, and remembered splendor dwell on iOS.

  3. So, just to make sure I’m not going crazy… For every yes, there’s a no and possibly a maybe?

    So, at this rate, by Monday, there will be a rumor that not even the software will be updated?


    I think the rumor mill is beginning to grind away on itself.

    1. I think you might be mistaken, or even a Samsung asstroturfer, because that sounds exactly like the type of FUD that the Microsofties, and the Sammie’s of the world like to spread in regards to Apple. If you are an Apple Faithful, then forgive me, and let me just say that patience is a virtue, and we shall see what Apple does on Patriot Day 2013.

      1. My post has nothing to do with what Apple will or won’t do. In fact, I never even alluded to Apple.

        I was solely referring to the “rumor mill” that constantly flip flops back and forth.

        Sorry, if it wasn’t clear.

  4. “I would expect an incremental upgrade enabling 802.11ac, and also a hidden ability to pump out 4K for a later announcement.”

    There is no way the ATV can handle 4k. It starts getting jumpy with anything over 18kbps with a decent sound track due to spikes in video feed. It would have to be capable of 40-50kbps of processing to even have a shot. A 4k ATV would have to be designed with at at least double the power of the current ATV3 to even be a contender.

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