Walt Mossberg talks iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iOS 7, Android and the future of Apple (with video)

“This Macitynet interview with Walt Mossberg was conducted by Domenico Panacea at the end of August and it’s a complete analysis of the future of Apple with considerations about upcoming products and technologies and and about people leading Apple but the interviews covers a broader range of matters from Goggle Glass to Windows RT, from marketing to Android,” Settimio Perlini reports for Macitynet,it.

Domenico Panacea: In its famous annual meetings AllThingsD had the privilege to host the top IT leaders like Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer and many others, Do you remember some funny episode with one of these people?

Walt Mossberg: I guess the funniest one I remember was in 2007: We had Steve Jobs and Bill Gates together on our stage, it was the first time they’ve done that in a conference, and we were talking about their relationship, we asked to each one what was the secret thing about the relationship between them, and Steve said: “Well we managed to keep our marriage secret for 10 years.”

Full transcript in the full article here.


  1. Only those who blindly and stupidly praise the company that once was worthy of praise but is no more get any support on MDN. Makes you wonder what’s the point of coming here.

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