Liquidation: Microsoft permanently slashes price on poor-selling ‘Surface Pro’ tablet to $799

“Microsoft’s Surface tablet lineup, which has thus far failed to gain traction against Apple’s iPads, saw a permanent price cut this week, most notably among the high-end Surface Pro, which now sells for $100 less,” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider.

“The prices, which included the entry-level Surface Pro for $799, were initially enacted as a temporary measure set to expire on Thursday,” Oliver reports. “But the Windows maker revealed to ZDNet that those prices are now permanent, and reduced prices have also expanded globally.”

Oliver reports, “The company already took a $900 million charge on unsold Surface inventory earlier this year.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: GWAK. No price is worth saddling yourself with Ballmer’s Latest Boondoggle.

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  1. over and over again the REALITY (of failure, low sales) doesn’t jive with the original HYPE propounded by the apple hater pundits. If you look back at the countless old articles in places like ZDnet you’ll find their writers praising like crazy the surface Prp (like the praised the Xoom, the Zune, the Palm pre etc) — how the surface pro is the first ‘complete’ tablet, how the keyboard was ‘genius’ and ‘game changer’, how you can now run “all applications on desktop and tablet” etc.

    these dudes, the Ed botts, Thurotts, Dvoraks, Enderles (
    actual Enderle quote: “the Surface Pro has changed the quality of my Life … more than just a new product and should be pereceived as the beginning of a new way ” ) are paid and supposed to be experts and they are wrong over and over again and I’m not talking about wrong the last few months but the last 20 years (since I’ve been following tech ). What is the point of their articles if they are always so far wrong?

    1. The point of their articles is is to feed inbred techno nerds salivating for good news from the front lines in the war for the soul of the machine: will we get the toys we want to tinker with, or will closed, opaque designs win out in the open market? The latter is a constant threat to nerd self-actualisation. Plus, the only ones who can really see the future are the ones who are building it. Writers and pundits, like fortune-tellers at the carnival, make a living telling their audiences what they want to hear.

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