Liquidation: Microsoft permanently slashes price on poor-selling ‘Surface Pro’ tablet to $799

“Microsoft’s Surface tablet lineup, which has thus far failed to gain traction against Apple’s iPads, saw a permanent price cut this week, most notably among the high-end Surface Pro, which now sells for $100 less,” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider.

“The prices, which included the entry-level Surface Pro for $799, were initially enacted as a temporary measure set to expire on Thursday,” Oliver reports. “But the Windows maker revealed to ZDNet that those prices are now permanent, and reduced prices have also expanded globally.”

Oliver reports, “The company already took a $900 million charge on unsold Surface inventory earlier this year.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: GWAK. No price is worth saddling yourself with Ballmer’s Latest Boondoggle.

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          1. That Cook’s decisions led to overreactions by Ballmer and panicked Microsoft into throwing its partners under the bus, releasing products not ready for prime time, failing to impress reviewers and consumers, and spooking the stock market.

    1. Yes but the Surface tablet is bound to become a collectors item. It’s a rare item and bound to go up in value in 25 years. If Icahn created the Blackberry + Microsoft Inventory fund with a 25 year maturity date, I might buy into it. Those failures might be worth big money by then!

      1. They’re not so rare if you go to a landfill. At my local solid waste transfer station, there are dozens of unopened boxes of Surface Pros sticking out of the mud.

  1. Now the question is whether they will bite the bullet and risk losing money on a second generation of Win8 tablets, like they were willing to do with the X-Box.
    MS can’t really afford to give the tablet space to Android and iOS, but it is gonna cost them BIG bucks. The OEMs aren’t gonna mess with MS tablets unless MS gives them a huge break on the licensing–which is what MS should have done in the first place because they were so far behind.

  2. Yes, $799 will open the flood gates, especially now that the price is “permanent.” That temporary price cut was really holding back sales… 🙂

    The $900 million charge was for unsold Surface RT inventory, and was probably NOT calculated based on a 100% loss per unsold unit. Microsoft probably has as many or more unsold Surface Pro units, and they represent a greater potential loss per unit.

    The $900 million loss is just a small portion of the eventual total loss from Surface. Microsoft needs to take the opportunity of the CEO change to have a stupendously bad quarter and throw the remaining unsold Surface units inventory into recycling. Then, make an announcement about Windows 8, which is why Surface Pro (the “showcase” for Windows 8) is a failure. It is also hindering overall sales of PCs, because no one really wants a desktop or laptop PC with a touchscreen.

  3. $299 seems like the only price that will help those move quickly out of stock and memory. The sooner the really cut prices the sooner they can talk about the next reiteration.

  4. Needs to be lower. Like, way lower, for me to buy one. I actually sorta almost like the surface a little, and would get one just so I could use it more in tandom with my PC I use for work. But, whatever.

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