British Bookmaker Ladbrokes takes bets on Microsoft’s next CEO

“While much of the tech world has spent the last week handicapping who Microsoft will choose to replace outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer, one British bookmaker is taking actual bets,” Ina Fried reports for AllThibgsD.

“Ladbrokes ( has posted its list online, and the Top 10 picks are all either current or former Microsoft executives,” Fried reports. “Nokia CEO (and former Microsoft Office unit head) Stephen Elop is the favorite at 5 to 1, followed closely by current COO Kevin Turner at 6 to 1.”

Ladbrokes’ Next Microsoft CEO current odds:
Stephen Elop – 5/1
Kevin Turner – 6/1
Steve Sinofsky – 8/1
Julie Larson-Green – 8/1
Qi Lu – 10/1
Kiril Tatarinov – 12/1
Terry Myerson – 12/1
Satya Nadella – 14/1
Tony Bates – 14/1
Paul Maritz – 14/1
Kevin Johnson – 16/1
Reed Hastings – 16/1
John Donahoe – 20/1
Dale Lee – 20/1
Vic Gundotra – 25/1
Jeff Raikes – 25/1
Robbie Bach – 25/1
Scott Forstall – 33/1
Marissa Meyer – 33/1
Sheryl Sandberg – 40/1
John Legere – 40/1
Sir Jonathan Ive – 40/1
Jack Dorsey – 40/1
Bill Gates – 50/1
Tim Cook – 100/1

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Kevin TurnerOh, please, please, please, Microsoft BoD, please install that idiot Turner into the executive suite posthaste.

We’ll settle for Elop, but Turner would likely be much funnier. Either would continue ramming the iceberg with abandon.

As long as it’s not Marissa.

And Ladbrokes might as well make Jony Ive and Tim Cook ∞/1.


  1. Oh by the way if I were Tim Cook, I’d cash out my stock options over the next twelve months and use the resulting proceeds to place a $500 million bet with Ladbrokes on being the next Microsoft CEO. At 100/1 odds, I’d stand to make $50 billion on my bet, clean out Ladbrokes and become richer than Bill Gates, all in one fell swoop.

    1. Falling right into Steve “Lex Luther” Ballmer’s trap, as he reveals he’s staying on as CEO and he and Ladbrokes chop up all of Cook’s money, laughing their evil laughs all the while.

  2. Bill Gates is a long shot? Less likely than Jony Ive? I have Gates as my favorite to take over, at least as the interim CEO (“iCEO”). I’ll take some action on Gates at 50/1.

      1. It’s precisely BECAUSE he’s the BoD Chairman that I think he will take over as CEO, at least “temporarily.” Either that, or he should step down as Chairman and Board member, and not play a part in making the “next CEO” decision.

  3. Since Microsoft seems to follow the footsteps of the Apple game plan once Microsoft is shown the way, be it their Zune thanks to Apple’s iPod, their Windows Phone thanks to Apple’s iPhone, their Surface thanks to Apple’s iPad, their device and services company reorganization plan thanks to Apple’s tight integration called the Apple ecosystem, maybe there should be odds placed on Microsoft, the fake Apple, hiring the Fake Steve Jobs! No?!

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