The Apple Maps fiasco paved the way for Jony Ive’s iOS 7

“The most interesting tidbit from Reuters‘ new profile of Apple CEO Tim Cook is about his response to the infamous iOS Maps fiasco and how it paved the way for a major review of Apple’s mobile operating system,” Brad Reed reports for BGR.

“According to Reuters‘ sources, Cook bypassed the advice of former iOS boss Scott Forstall when he issued a formal apology for the app and then decided that iOS as a whole needed to go in a new direction,” Reed reports. “Forstall was ousted from his post shortly afterwards and was replaced by Jony Ive, Apple’s longtime hardware design guru who would spend the next several months working to put his own unique stamp on Apple’s mobile platform.”

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“People overwhelmingly prefer iOS 7 design to iOS 6,” Zach Epstein reported for BGR earlier this month. “A new series of polls created using Input Factory’s ‘Polar’ app presented users with design elements from iOS 6 alongside their iOS 7 counterparts and asked them to vote for their preference. Thankfully for Apple, users overwhelmingly chose graphics from iOS 7 over the older look of iOS.”

Epstein reports, “A similar poll conducted with the Polar app found that users prefer Apple’s iOS 7 icons to the old iOS 6 icons nearly 2 to 1.”

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