Apple had better hurry, because…

“Over the years, Apple’s naysayers have come up with a similar argument whenever another company comes out with a new tech gadget: Apple needs to deal with this competition and do something better real fast! You hear that meme playing out over and over again,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl.

“This doesn’t mean Apple won’t get on board a product segment that seems to have potential if given the proper treatment. So Apple TV remains a hobby, even though they have sold over 13 million of them,” Steinberg writes. “When it comes to wearable devices of some sort, it’s clear, based on what CEO Tim Cook has already said, that Apple is interested, but that doesn’t explain the direction that they will take.”

Steinberg writes, “Of course, if Apple doesn’t deliver an iWatch this year, some will suggest Apple is falling behind the curve yet again. Others might claim that there were production and/or development problems; anything to avoid admitting that they were dead wrong. We’ll just have to see how this plays out, but Apple won’t make an iWatch because tech and financial pundits tell them it must happen.”

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  1. Eh, let Samdung et al make their, “iWatch abortionists (killing iWatch before it leaves the womb)”, it’ll make it all the sweeter to see them utterly crushed when iWatch does come out, like the tablet market after iPad and the MP3 player market after iPod.

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