Selling your old iPhone? Do it now

“That old iPhone sitting in the bottom of your sock drawer could be worth $300 — but only if you act now,” Katie Lobosco reports for CNNMoney.

“Old iPhones hold their worth better than any other smartphone on the market,” Lobosco reports. “But iPhones’ resale value takes a nosedive right before Apple announces a new version of its smartphone — and Apple is expected to do just that on Sept. 10.”

Lobosco reports, “Gazelle, an online trade-in service that will pay you cash for sending in an old gadget, received one iPhone every five seconds last week. — a 70% increase over the previous week. Gazelle currently pays $300 for a 16 gigabyte AT&T iPhone 5 in good condition. You can even lock in that quote now and send in your phone up to 30 days later. But that price will continue to drop until weeks after the announcement is made.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


    1. I’ve been using gazelle because I prefer their simple solution, and their latest boxes are flawless. They send you a box that has a middle section where you slide he phone in and give you stickers to both reseal the box and cover the shipping label with a return label. It’s amazing how much thought they put into their little system.

      1. You gotta be fucking kidding. Apples been doing this for years. I still have apples tape packs in my kitchen drawer! Wow, so thought out ripping off another Apple idea.

        1. Still have some of those tape packs too. For a while, it seemed like my polycarbonate-cased MacBook was going in under AppleCare every few months. Many case related.

          Not happening now, with the unibody aluminum MacBook Pro. 4 1/2 years old and looks like new. Wonder why they’re going back to polycarbonate shells on iPhones. Bolster the AppleWorks workforce?

  1. I would use Glyde, the arrange buyer and seller match and take only a small percentage. They post the market going rate but you can set your own price at the risk of not selling as fast.

  2. $300 for a $650 phone doesn’t seem all that great. On eBay, most 16GB iPhones 5 tend to go for well above $400, many even for $500 (if in pristine condition, with all accessories and original box).

    Of course, for people who don’t like the hassle, and would rather not just give the old phone away, services such as the Gazelle are perfectly suited.

  3. This article states: “That old iPhone sitting in the bottom of your sock drawer could be worth $300.”

    And it goes on to say:”Gazelle currently pays $300 for a 16 gigabyte AT&T iPhone 5 in good condition.”

    Which begs the question: Who has an iPhone 5 in their sock drawer?

      1. @begging – The Wiki page you cited contradicts your strict interpretation of the term:

        Despite having “long been condemned by usage commentators as incorrect or sloppy”, some authorities consider the use of “begs the question” as a way of saying “raises the question” or “evades the question” to be no longer mistaken because it has attained such wide usage.

      1. Some truth in that – but I have to admit the freakin’ hassles of selling my iP4 on eBay made me seriously consider just dumping my iP4S off on Gazelle or trading it in to Apple. There are some real idiots on eBay. It’s not quite worth losing a hundred + bucks, but it’s getting close.

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