Full Nasdaq trading resumes; Icahn to meet with Apple CEO Tim Cook in September

“Nasdaq reopened for full trading at 3:25 p.m [EDT] after halting trading for more than 3 hours, with the major averages all posting gains,” Justin Menza reports for CNBC. “A technical problem led to a halt of all Nasdaq trading shortly after midday.”

“Billionaire investor Carl Icahn tweeted on Thursday that he plans to meet with Apple’s Tim Cook in September to discuss details of a possible stock buyback,” Menza reports. “What will be discussed is the magnitude of the shares repurchased, Icahn said.”

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  1. Icahn is an egotistical slug. Investing in AAPL because of him is shaky at best. I’d be very careful here with my money. AAPL is always dangerous before earnings and product launches. This time should be no exception. Carl just exacerbates that danger factor. You have to wonder if this is something Carl is announcing on his own or has Tim Cook/Apple agreed to such a meeting? The last thing Apple needs before product launches is a distraction. Taking attention away from known and unknown products doesn’t help marketing. My guess is that the brain trust at Apple is working overtime trying to devise a plan to defuse Carl Icahn and his ego.

    1. Tis only dangerous to those who buy and sell short term. Mine came in (mostly) at $20, two splits ago. I worry not about Icahn. Though I completely agree that he is egotistical, stock-mainpulating slug and a boil on the southern end of a northbound jackass. 🙂

  2. Icahn is not iCare about Apple creating the best products possible for customer to really love, enjoying looking an using it. When Apple forgets that and starts caring about making INVESTORS/WS/STOCK/BEAN COUNTERS happy, its time for Jobs to come back and give whoever is in charge of Apple in the future re-occuring SJ on your ass nightmares as a reminder on what Apple is all about!

  3. Stock manipulation in public. Insane if this is going unnoticed by the SEC.

    Stock manipulation n: illicit behavior that creates or attempts to give the appearance of active trading in a security (as to induce others to buy or sell).

    Clearly iCan is keeping this in the news for personal gain.

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