UBS ups Apple price target to $560

“Apple Inc. (AAPL) already was recovering from its lows when Carl Icahn tweeted that he had purchased a large stake in the consumer electronics giant,” Jon C. Ogg reports for 24/7 Wall St.

“Also note that Apple’s stock price has been challenging $500 for more than a week now,” Ogg reports. “So what happens when UBS issues a research report maintaining its Buy rating but adjusting its price target up to $560 from $500?”

Ogg reports, “The stock has traded as high as $510.57 on Tuesday and $513.74 on Monday. Those will be crucial stock levels to watch if the rally recovers.”

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  1. I hope AAPL tests the $470’s – 480’s first or the chartist will have lots of negative fodder to undermine the stock later.
    @iSmile, yes I too hope it breaks above $600 before the intro of the next models, it would give it a little room to pull back after the intro and then rally on the hot sales reports into October earnings. Of course this needs the stock market to be stable or rising. If big sell off on QE3 being phased down, it will hold back aapl the stock.

  2. So out on a lim. If I said a $51 stock that is already past my $50 guess may go all the way up to $56 a share, would anyone care or think I was a genius? When it is at $58 a share and they up their guess to $65 a share, should anyone care?

    1. So, an uneducated guess that is ten times a “who cares” guess is still worth nothing. AAPL will still be under valued as the company grows 20% or 30% a year and the bank accounts swell with many billions more in cash. What to do what to do. Just own AAPL, watch it jump as China Mobile signs up soon, new iPhones and iPads with new features are offered, more billion dollar server farms all around the world show up, Mac Pro are purchased to serve all the new Sony 4K HDTV sets in all those homes all around the world, AppleTV services get updated, …

      You know, Apple growth, service and innovation. When Apple starts getting 5% or 8% on the money in the bank after the countries stop printing money, what will Apple be worth then?

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