Beleaguered Dell’s quarterly profit plummets 72% as PC sales shrink

“Dell Inc, the PC maker embroiled in a takeover battle between its founding CEO and activist investor Carl Icahn, on Thursday reported a 72 percent slide in quarterly earnings as PC sales extended their downward spiral,” Edwin Chan reports for Reuters.

“Sales from its end-user computing division, which incorporates computers, slid 5 percent to $9.1 billion,” Chan reports. “The world’s No. 3 PC maker reported sales of $14.5 billion in the fiscal second quarter, flat from a year earlier but surpassing the $14.2 billion analysts on average had expected.”

Chan reports, “It posted net income of $204 million or 12 cents a share in the fiscal second quarter, compared to $732 million or 42 cents a share in the year-earlier period.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Deserved. For Mikey’s misplaced hubris alone, not to mention littering the world with crappy Windows PCs.


  1. More evidence of the failure of Windows 8 to act as catalyst to spur PC sales. In fact, Windows 8 has hindered PC sales. Dell can thank its reliance on Microsoft for its current situation.

    1. Yeah, but where is the beloved Acronym? That should be at the bottom…

      STCAGTMBTIS (or whatever)
      (Sell the company and give the money back to its shareholders)

      Oh, wait a second: there is nothing left to sell. My bad.

    1. Who knew but Steve Jobs that iPhone’s and iPad’s (and their competitor’s copies) would wreak so much damage on the PC ecosystem.

      “For whom the tech bell now tolls, it tolls for thee Dell, Blackberry, Nokia, the Surface and Window Phone 8.”

  2. “…a 72 percent slide in quarterly earnings ” and the stock drops 2 and 9 cents after close. If Apple dropped 72%, AAPL would be severely, severely punished.

    Don’t you love Wall Street?

    1. There are those who will say that Wall Street already knew that Dell was in trouble and the drop in quarterly earnings was already ‘baked in’ to the price. Also, Carl Icahn is raising a ruckus and that is ‘driving the price up’.

      AAPL couldn’t get away with that because it is Apple and the market is driven by PC weenies who don’t think that Apple is a ‘real computer’.

  3. My daughter’s high school is one of the early group deploying tablets in the Houston area. Guess what…they chose Windows 8 tablets from one of the PC vendors. Microsoft and its partners failed to make a decent tablet for over a decade. Since 2010 Microsoft and its partners have had the iPad to copy and they still can’t make a decent tablet. But they can dump them on school districts anxious to save a buck and often ruled by Windows lovers or the ignorati. And now my home will be contaminated by the unholy tablet spawn of Ballmer. Worst of all, these tablets were purchased with my tax dollars. Sometimes life sux.

      1. School boards are, as are most public entities, hamstrung by state regulations requiring accepting the lowest bid. It took us six months and a mountain of paperwork to take the 2nd lowest bid. Additionally, the IT people in schools (usually the lowest paid IT droids around, although at public universities the IT droids make more than faculty) are often tied to a particular vendor. So you have to go to the state legislature to have any impact with your vote. But don’t count on it — gerrymandering really works!

    1. What you need to watch out for here is that your daughter’s work doesn’t suffer or lag behind while she struggles to make Win8 work properly (good luck with that one).

      Grounds to sue the school for unnecessarily handicapping their students? ?

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