Piper Jaffray’s Munster predicts Apple’s 2013-2014 product lineup

“Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster has issued his predictions for Apple’s 2013-2014 product lineup,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune. “The catalyst for this earnings growth, he believes, will be a series of new product announcements over the next six months.”

“Muster takes the announcement of the iPhone 5S on Sept. 10 as a given. That would also be the logical time to introduce a lower-cost ($300) iPhone 5C, although he puts the odds of that phone shipping in October at 90%. He also expects a larger-screen (4.5 to 5-inch) iPhone 6 in the first half of 2014,” P.E.D. reports. “Munster thinks Apple is likely to schedule a separate event later in the month to launch the first refresh of its iPad line-up since last October. The new family of tablets will include, he believes, a thinner, lighter 10-inch iPad with a casing similar to the iPad mini… he expects the mini will get a high-res Retina screen.”

P.E.D. reports, “It wouldn’t be a Gene Munster forecast without a TV set in it. He’s been talking about this thing since early 2009 and now he’s predicting an announcement late this year with product shipping in the first half of 2014… Munster believes a watch is in Apple’s product line-up, but his confidence that the company will ship one in 2014 is only 60%… He believes Apple will put a digital wallet in its mobile operating system either this fall or next year.”

More details, estimates, and predictions in the full article here.


  1. Every Gene Munster TV interview introduction should be accompanied by the circus big top theme. You know this asshat wears size 27 shoes and commutes with 12 other analysts in a VW Bug.

      1. Hey, VW still makes the bug, big difference is that it costs $30K now rather than $1K

        However, back then (early 60’s) $30K would have been considered a “handsome salary” (and a 4BR, 3 1/2 bath house ran $30-40K)

  2. Not a word about the Mac Pro or bringing more of Apple’s billion dollar server farms on line all around the world with new services being offered in iTunes. Or 3rd party gaming apps being offered on AppleTV.

    Ok, people love a surprise! All the clues are there and they still can’t see it. More up side.

    1. If Gene Munster were to buy a new Sony 4K HDTV set at BestBuy, where does this clueless clown think the 4K HDTV media is going to come from? It doesn’t fit on a Blue-ray disc and the Apple Mac Pro WHICH APPLE ALREADY SHOWED THE WORLD ONLY 2 MONTHS AGO can stream 3 of those 4K HDTV sets. So Gene, if you are watching 1 stream and feeding 4K HDTV to AppleTV devices at 2 other sets in your house, how many streams would you need?

      I believe Steve Jobs once talked about a home entertainment system at the center of all those Apple iOS devices including the AppleTV. (You forgot the upgrade to the AppleTV too.)

  3. Mr. Know-it-all speaks. Who designated him as Apple’s spokesperson? He should put on a turban and call himself Munster the Magnificent. His only props will be a cloth-covered table and a crystal ball. The man is a joke. He has been wrong so many times and yet he continues with this charade. How do these predictions actually help investors? I swear this guy just wants attention.

    1. Actually, of all the clueless analysts out there, Munster seems to be the only one trying to use scientific approach to it. He sends people to count shopping bags with iPads leaving Apple stores, interview employees, he calls retailers and asks for approximate numbers, and in the past, he has frequently been fairly upbeat on AAPL (compared to others).

      Analysts are paid what they are paid because there are people who want their services and are ready to pay for them. While we here tend to spend a lot of time reading about Apple, so we know all there’s to know, normal people are too busy for that and they pay others to do this for them. Most of these analysts take a cursory look at the blogosphere and that’s their “research”. Munster at least makes an effort to ask questions, get numbers, talk to people, before giving his guidance.

  4. Content is the issue.
    All TVs sold in the US are HDTV. Still we have a higher percentage of SDTV channels on cable that HDTV.
    So I’m not going to hold my breath on 4K or 3D TV. Sure there will be a few odd channels or shows but for the most part the industry is very slow to adopt these technologies.

    1. You mentioned the 3D TV and I have to say, I am surprised this 3D wave lasted as long as it did. It has outlasted both the first wave of the 50s, as well as the second one of the 80s, and it seems to be continuing (albeit slowing down considerably).

    1. Agree. The “TV” is a dumb device. The Apple TV makes any TV smart. The only reason to build the Apple TV into a screen is if touch is needed and I don’t see that being desirable.

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