Apple preps Christmas bonanza of new iPhones and iPads, sources say

“Apple Inc. is preparing for a busy close to the year with the debut of a new iPhone and iPad models, seeking to retain its position in the increasingly crowded smartphone and tablet markets,” Adam Satariano and Tim Culpan report for Bloomberg. “After having minimal product introductions since last year, Apple will unveil a new iPhone at a Sept. 10 event, according to a person familiar with the plans. New iPad models, including an iPad with a thinner body design and an iPad mini with a high-resolution screen will be unveiled later, two people said. Software for the devices, as well as for Mac computers, will also be revamped, Apple said in June.”

Satariano and Culpan report, “The updates will enable Apple to present a refreshed lineup of its top-selling products to consumers ahead of the year-end holiday shopping season… The planned new full-size iPad, with a 9.7-inch screen, will have a body that more closely resembles the current iPad mini, with a thinner bezel than the current version.”

“The new iPhones and iPads will also feature an overhaul of the company’s mobile operating system, iOS 7, which includes changes to e-mail, calendar and other applications, as well as new color schemes and icon designs,” Satariano and Culpan report. “Carl Howe, an analyst at Yankee Group, predicts Apple will garner record sales of the products during the holiday quarter. Other companies tend to move their releases to avoid being overshadowed by Apple, he said.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. …according to a person familiar with the plans…

    How many stories on MDN have the above statement (or similar)?

    In any case, looking forward to a refresh of iPad, iPhone and MacBook Pro Retina.

  2. I honestly hope consumers have plenty of money to spend this season. Apple can offer all the products in the world, but if consumers don’t open their wallets, Apple isn’t going to benefit. I’m still rather concerned about the overall economy and whether consumers feel confident enough about their job security to do any serious spending. I curse Google for creating Android and all the hundreds of millions of smartphone and tablet devices it spawned. Apple needs to give Google some serious payback for unleashing that free OS on the world.

      1. You mean other than the fact that this year Apple was eclipsed — Samsung sells more than twice as many devices and makes more money than Apple? Other than having lost its profit share lead, sure, Apple would otherwise be an undisputed leader.

        Demand for iOS has indeed abated, because now consumers have lower-priced options and Apple refuses to respond — at its own peril.

  3. Unless they come out with a larger screen option, like it or not, the iPhone 5S isn’t going to generate that much enthusiasm. A fingerprint sensor, while perhaps an interesting technology, isn’t going to make people rush out to get a new iPhone. Apple needs to stop acting like there’s no competition out there. That was true several years ago, but no longer…

    1. Apple knows there’s plenty of competition out there. That’s why it doesn’t follow fads like ridiculously oversized phablets which only lead to a lousy graphics experience and apps with fragmented screen resolutions. Like it or not, Apple is a leader, not a follower.

    2. History indicates that the new iPhone (whatever its designation) will sell very well and generate a great deal of enthusiasm worldwide. Please check back in with your retraction after the official product release.

      I actually favor the release of a 4.7″ iPhone model to complement the existing 4.0″ model. But that does not seem to be happening anytime soon. Some people who absolutely demand a larger display might choose an Android phone. But, by all accounts, many more former Android customers will defect to iOS and the iPhone. That will represent a net gain for iOS.

  4. Apple competes against it’s own products. It has an internal goal of making its products better and more user-friendly. Historically Apple is only going against other companies when they infringe upon its patents.

  5. couldn’t be much worse than last christmas, could it? let’s go back to Oct ’12: we saw on a mantel of white, one a retina-free shrunken iPad and a bobbled connector switchover on the full-size iPad. an underwhelming iPod nano and an iMac that just couldn’t be shipped on time, nor be upgraded in any meaningful way by the user. What a downer year.

    This year, could we PLEASE have:
    – the new Mac Pro delivered
    – new 4k displays to go with the Mac Pro
    – all those rumored inexpensive Thunderbolt accessories that you can’t find in any store, online or brick & mortar, to replace the existing Mac Pro peripherals
    – iWork 2014 that you can use OFFLINE
    – two or three new iPhone models with different price points and capabilities and screen sizes and make them THICKER to have MORE BATTERY CAPACITY
    – Retina screens implemented on all products (and Apple software ALL updated accordingly)
    – an external BluRay drive and updated software to play and record forthcoming 4k resolution media and current BR hi def content
    – a refresh to the iPod Classic with even more memory
    – an Apple TV with Tivo-like capability (including internal storage)
    – iOS and Mac OS updates as promised, with ability to transfer files between iOS devices and Macs directly using wireless or wired connection that is as simple as Target mode on Firewire
    – an cancellation of the stupid stock buyback program and Aerobie office
    – better training of Apple retail store personnel
    – a significantly improved and user-upgradeable Mac mini
    – an all-new “conventional” mid-range tower Mac with internal PCI expansion
    – a new competitively-priced rack-mountable Xserve
    – new production facilities in South America, North America, Eastern Europe, and South Africa, and many new worldwide retail stores.
    – purchase Garmin and DeLorme or whatever is necessary to fix Maps; replace the GPS maker’s hard-to-use navigation products with something more intuitive
    – purchase the display division of Sony or LG or Panasonic or Sharp to vertically integrate the most critical part of almost all of Apple’s current device offerings.
    – re-introduce the 17″ display MacBook Pro
    – introduce a truly professional-grade hardcore MacBook Pro similar to the Panasonic Toughbook
    – introduce a truly professional-grade iPad Pro that is fully waterproof and ruggedized
    – improve the Mac App store and iTunes stores to better implement advanced searching and permanently setting user options to filter out unwanted content.
    – fully restore the look and features removed from iTunes 10.

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