Apple sets iPhone launch date, Wall Street says buy Apple shares now

“Apple Inc, the world’s largest technology company, is expected to present its redesigned iPhone in September, according to technology blog AllThingsD and USA Today,” Reuters reports.

“The blog cited unnamed sources as saying that Apple will unveil its next smart phone at a special event on Sept 10,” Reuters reports. “Apple’s iPhone launches are among the most-watched events on the tech industry calendar.”

Reuters reports, “The new iPhone would hit store shelves in time for the crucial holiday season… Shares rose in early trading, as S&P Capital IQ analyst Scott Kessler said “the potential for new important products seems closer and more real.””

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. Tmr will drop at least 15 as the market must worry iPhone 5s fingerprint sensor may have supply constraint .

    Don’t tell me to buy AAPL till it closes over $470.

    Everyone who knows a little about Apple know September will have iPhone 5s . I wonder what is special , why did it make Aapl rise ?

        1. Seamus is attempting to gauge your emotional maturity, Law Raymond. I would take that as a hint that you are lacking.

          As far as your $470 and “99% confirmed” statement goes, that is utterly ridiculous. No one knows what the market will do with any degree of certainty, certainly not 99%. I don’t know what investment methodology you use, but I hope that you did not pay too much for it.

  2. Possible that the shares are rising because of the buy back. This is what’s brilliant about it. If you are of little faith, then Apple will remove your shares from the market. I think Apple will wait and see how well the 5S and 5C do, and if the sales are off the charts, keep the buy back going perpetually, grabbing shares whenever a negative story comes out in the press. Next July, announce an even bigger buyback to remove as much institutional influence as possible.

      1. Exactly. And just keep it going.

        “Hi we’re making a lot of money. Dont believe in us? We’re just gonna remove outside influence and invest in ourselves and our future ability to make money.”

  3. Wallstreet says sell Apple shares now because low yields of the fingerprint sensors will lead to reduced shipments of the iPhone 5S. Cook is an operational and supply chain genius!

  4. Wall Streeters are hilarious. It seems like they never expected Apple to release a new product ever again… then when a release date is announced, SUDDENLY Apple is a good investment? Everybody, manage your own money. There were many, many Wall St. analysts in the year 2013 telling people to buy Blackberry shares and dump Apple. These folks don’t have a clue.

    1. Especially given that it wasn’t an Apple announcement, but some rumour mills quoting each other. At least that’s what unnamed sources say is happening… 😆

    2. Anything that happens on Wall Street 10 minutes from any point in time qualifies as a “SUDDENLY” event. They’re so myopic ants get cross-eyed looking at them!

  5. I bought 45 more shares when Apple hit $391 on June 27th. It turned out to be a wise decision. My broker said I should wait until it dropped to $370 or $360. I told him I just wanted it somewhat under $400 and that was good enough since I was mainly in it to add to my dividends. So far it’s paid off nicely. I’m not going to get upset if Apple never goes back over $600 a share as long as they keep increasing the dividends.

    I now fully realize the hedge funds play the stock market like a casino and I can’t play with them. I still don’t think it’s fair to play companies like that and it’s bad for the economy, but there’s nothing I can do. If Apple increases its revenue stream and holds profit margins, the stock will likely go up but I’m no longer expecting any huge moves by Apple shares. I’ll just have to be happy with whatever the hedge funds allow me to have. Gone are the dreams of a trillion dollar company which I never thought was likely anyway although I wanted to see Apple up there breaking all sorts of stock market records to shut up the mouths of the “Apple is doomed” bunch.

    1. And you can be sure that Apple will continue to grow maintain and challenge the industries it enters while it continues of change he world.

      Apple has been a $1000 stock for a very long time, it’ll get there and beyond.

    1. When Wall Street says buy, you can reasonably infer that the power players have loaded up on call options and are hoping that individual investors will pump up the share price so that they can cash in. Either that, or they are left holding the bag with shares at below cost, and are hoping to eke out a profit or, at least, break even.

      One of the only things that you can be certain about is that the brokerage houses, institutional investors, and individual power players on Wall Street have far greater and quicker access to the market than you. They generally also have fresher and better information (not the information that you hear on TV or elsewhere). Much like a casino, Wall Street is making the rules. You have to be smart to avoid the pitfalls.

  6. Is the basic issue that Apple’s deal with the publishers caused Amazon’s prices to increase? If so, then since the court thinks that the consumer was ripped off by Amazon’s increased prices and since Amazon received the ripped off money, why does the court want to go after Apple instead of Amazon?

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