People who buy Apple products are narcissists or something

“Early computer advertisements rarely showed the user. The experience of using a computer was portrayed as a disembodied one, the mind of the user fusing with the computer to accomplish tasks,” Brett T. Robinson writes for Wired.

“In Apple’s 2002 ‘Window’ ad, however, the active presence of a user suggests the integration of the self, the body, and the machine — a rhetorical move signifying computer and user as an integrated unit,” Robinson writes. “The metaphor suggests that computers are not to be viewed as outside threats, but as intimate and integrated extensions of our own human faculties.”

Robinson writes, “In the ad, a man is looking at himself just as much as he is looking at the impish machine. This recalls the Greek Narcissus myth where the young man is transfixed by his own reflection in the pool of water but does not recognize the reflection as himself.”

Further fuckery here.

MacDailyNews Take: While we do love summer so, twaddle like this makes us pine for autumn and the real Apple news it promises to deliver.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “CognativeDisonance” for the heads up.]


  1. I had no thought of becoming a narcissist when I switched from Windows to a Mac which was based off my experience with an iPhone 4. I thought if the iPhone can offer such a fantastic user experience, surely the Mac will be able too. It – the switching process – wasn’t motivated by thoughts of becoming a hipster. If anything it freed me from becoming Prisoner #214239332 in Windows-land. The Mac turned me into a prisoner of Windows who was condemned to sit in death row to a free man.

    1. Brilliantly articulated, and an admirable testament to the power of Apple’s idea that technology should enhance the quality of life, not infringe on it

  2. The only narcissist I see her is Robinson the guy in the add is not looking at his own reflection but is playing with mimicry the same way one would play with a small child or a dog.

  3. Such rubbish.I became a happy Apple user because of the quality, simplicity, fabulous customer service and beautifully designed products. Guess what “Erida” the Greek Godess thinks of the author and Windows machines?

  4. Wired really publishes any linkbait garbage these days..

    Sad, as I remember when they were actually good and I admired them as much as I admire Apple.

    I even saved part of my allowance to buy the magazine (at highly inflated international price).

    I wouldn’t even click on one of their ads these days.

  5. What a load of pretentious bollocks. Only a complete narcissist could spout this, someone who’s far too smug and impressed with himself.
    Trying to imply that someone looking at a machine or device imagines that it’s their image, and they become the device or machine is stretching things so far that it’s going to snap back and hit him in the face.

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