Belkin’s Dyle TV Receiver connects your iPad or iPhone to your local television networks

“Between cable and satellite provider apps, network apps, and services like Aereo, there are many ways to watch TV on your iPad or iPhone outside of the home,” K. T. Bradford reports for Digital Trends.

“All of these methods require an Internet connection and, in the case of Aereo, the layout of money for what is technically free,” Bradford reports. “While it’s true that you get more with Aereo than just the ability to watch local TV (the DVR is pretty sweet), it’s still another monthly fee. Over-the-air broadcast channels only require an antenna to watch, be it on your TV or on an iPad.”

Belkin Dyle Wireless Mobile TV Receiver
Belkin Dyle Wireless Mobile TV Receiver
Bradford reports, “The Belkin Dyle Wireless Mobile TV Receiver costs $100 and works with the free Dyle TV app for iOS devices. With it plugged in, you can watch local channels on your phone or tablet, no Internet connection required and no data used… Upfront, let us say that the receiver definitely works and it’s easy to set up. Download the app, enter your location, plug in the receiver, start watching TV. We were able to do so with the Wi-Fi on our iPad turned off. Not surprisingly, even after hours of watching the battery didn’t lose much juice. We also like that, other than the cost of the receiver, you don’t have to pay anything for this service. This product works. Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily enough.”

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  1. Why would Belkin create a device that requires a 30 pin connector, that you can of course easily find, if you have an older iPad 2 or 3, and will not work with the Lightning adapter and then charge $100 for it, what’s wrong with this picture.. This thing should sell for about $30 tops..

  2. So it’s a television antenna, but it will only play channels that the company has an agreement with? Am I missing something, or is that the most idiotic thing I’ve heard in days?

    And if it is just a VHF/UHF antenna, I’m curious how well it works indoors at ground level in rural areas. I tried to get over-the-air digital signals on my TV with an indoor antenna and didn’t have much luck. Where I live, you really need an aerial to pick up the big networks.


  3. Why doesn’t someone just create an over-the-air (OTA) antenna for iOS & OSX? EyeTV will be going subscription-based within the year & WD Live is more of a ‘smart device’. Just a plain & simple OTA antenna for mobile devices–is that so difficult?

  4. Not Belkin’s finest moment. However, I completely support them as a company. They have been a strong third-party supporter of the Mac platform and Apple through thick and thin. When I need a peripheral, I always go to Belkin first and have never been disappointed.

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