“The Justice Department and 33 state attorneys general want to force Apple to sign contracts with publishers that don’t prevent Apple or other e-book stores from competing on price,” The Associated Press reports. “They want Apple to tear up its contracts with five e-book publishers and sign new ones that aren’t likely to increase prices.”

“The regulators would also like to see links between Apple and other ebook providers, such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon, to make it easier for consumers to compare prices,” Zack Whittaker reports for ZDNet. “Among the other measures, the DOJ suggests that Apple could be monitored by an external unit, paid for by Apple, to oversee the company’s internal antitrust compliance policies.”

“Despite Apple’s continued claims that it ‘did not conspire to fix ebook pricing,’ the Justice Department said it was a ‘victory for millions’ of ebook readers,” Whittaker reports. “Apple said it will appeal the decision.”

Whittaker reports, “A hearing to discuss remedies will be held on August 9. Another trial is yet to be scheduled on damages.”

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MacDailyNews Take: There is no evidence that Apple conspired to fix ebook pricing and the U.S. DOJ is plainly inept.

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