15 U.S. states in which to buy Apple products without sales tax

“Get a tax break on amazing products,” a new web page on Apple.com states.

“Different states have different tax holiday periods,” Apple explains.

In order to “make sure you’re shopping on the right days, and learn which products are eligible,” Apple provides links for the 10 U.S. states in which to purchase Apple products sans sales tax:

The 10 U.S. states with brief sales tax holidays in 2013 are:

• Alabama: August 2 – 4
• Florida: August 2 – 4
• Georgia: August 9 – 10
• Louisiana: August 2 – 3
• Massachusetts: August 10 – 11
• Missouri: August 2 – 4
• New Mexico: August 2 – 4
• North Carolina: August 2 – 4
• South Carolina: August 2 – 4
• Tennessee: August 2 – 4

Apple notes: “When you buy from the Apple Online Store, sales tax will appear in your cart and during the checkout process. The correct no-tax amount will appear when you receive your email order confirmation.”

In addition, the 5 U.S. states without sales taxes at any time during the year are:

• Alaska
• Delaware
• Montana
• New Hampshire
• Oregon

Apple’s Tax Holiday 2013 page is here.


  1. In keeping with our quest for excellence, we have been declared not only the most unfriendly state for business, but we in California have the largest number of people on welfare! And to accomplish this we are having double tax day! On those days to demonstrate that high taxes are not a problem for commerce, people shopping will be paying double the regular tax and in some counties triple!

    We in the California State Legislature believe shoppers will line up!

    1. And that is why we need to build a wall at the California-Oregon border and shot anyone with a crazy ass California idea that they want to bring up to Oregon.

  2. You can buy 365 days of the year sales tax free in some states, the difference paying for Apple Care. I intend to deprive state government as often as possible on ridiculous amounts of tax on large ticket items. There should be a sliding scale or a topped off max line. Paying hundreds of dollars in tax for a Mac Book Pro or Mac Pro is a little much. And yeah I know you’re supposed to report these kinds of purchases but who actually does? Taxpayers need a break once in a while.

    1. Living in California is a pain when it comes to paying taxes. Our small county has charges the state’s rate of 7.5% and other counties charge as much as 13.5%. Thank God I live near the Oregon border.
      All the businesses that can leave California are leaving as fast as they can. We will be like Detroit in no time. Time for Northern California to form its own state; The State of Jefferson.

  3. I’m glad to see that New Mexico is on that list. New Mexico is my dream state, and I want to move there sometime soon. I just hate living in Michigan because of all the problems here. New Mexico is just a beautiful state, almost like a foreign country.

      1. Not to interfere with the intense OR-WA rivalry, but given the choice between paying income tax or sales tax, we’d gladly pay the sales tax. It rubs some of us wrong to penalize people who work hard & long hours to take more of their income. Taxing purchases is painless and automatic, and anyone with spending control and a little old fashioned know-how can minimize the impact of sales taxes.

        WA for the win on tax structure.

        1. All taxation is theft by government. Specifically, all taxation consists of forcefully taking (stealing) the property of individuals by persons in government. The persons in government who steal from individuals are criminals and their organization (government) is a corrupt and illegitimate organization. (Why does almost no human being have the ability to think rationally and fundamentally and the intellectual honesty and independence to make the foregoing statements?) Anything that you are forced to do by another person(s) is a violation of a your moral-political rights.

          1. Ah, another extremist who has no concept of civilization.

            Taxation is not theft. Taxation is the maintenance cost for being a club member. If you don’t like this club, you are invited to resign.

            … good luck finding happiness on your isolated little world with zero overhead costs but with all the necessities and luxuries that you currently take for granted. As long as there is more than one person on your little island, you will have to learn to control yourself and inhibit your “freedom” and pay your share.

            … and by the way, you DO NOT pay your share. Almost all nations on the planet have been running budget deficits, meaning that governments dole out more services than they receive in income. Yes, I already know your retort: it’s all waste. But it isn’t. The purchasing power of governments are actually very impressive. What you don’t like is that some people need and receive services that you don’t. Don’t worry, my friend, someday you will be old or otherwise in need of help, and I guarantee you won’t turn it down when it’s your turn to use it.

  4. I’m betting that in Louisiana, it won’t be “tax free” it’ll be “state tax free” since the cities still collect their share. The savings will be negligible at only 4% or so. The post might need to be slightly reworded. 😊

  5. Funny… People want companies to pay their “fair share” and still themselves try to avoid taxes as much as they can and not even thinking about what they are doing… Amazing.

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