Samsung caught doping Galaxy S 4 benchmarks

“Tipped off by a report from hacker in Luxembourg that accused Samsung of increasing the clock speed of its Android-based Galaxy S 4 specifically, and only, when running certain benchmarks, AnandTech investigated and confirmed that it is indeed cheating to win in performance tests, by design,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“Digging into files in the software that controls the chip’s frequency, AnandTech discovered ‘what appeared to be hard coded profiles/exceptions for certain applications,’ including the text string ‘BenchmarkBooster,'” Dilger reports. “The file directly revealed custom Samsung support for changing how the Galaxy S 4 works when running specific benchmarks.”

Dilger reports, “Further, the site discovered ‘there are strings for Fusion3 (the Snapdragon 600 + MDM9x15 combo) and Adonis (the codename for Exynos 5 Octa),’ indicating that Samsung isn’t just cheating on benchmarks for one of its processors; it’s part of the company’s culture.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Wait, cheating is part of Samsung’s culture? NFW! (dripping sarcasm)

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]

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    1. The only news is that this IS news. Samsung cheated their way into this arena; why would anyone presume that they could hang around at all without more cheating?!?

  1. Let’s picture this scenario just for one second; Apple is caught red-handed doing exactly what Samsung has just been caught doing. Mr. Attorney in some office out in California files a class action lawsuit by 5 PM Pacific Time tonight claiming that his iPhone 5 is not the smartphone advertised to be. (Place any expletive as you choose) tech press goes beserk having a field day that Apple is yesterdays news and Samsung is now crowned as the new “innovator.” I guess this is how Samsung defines innovation. We shall see what the paid “bloggers” have to say if they say anything at all. Wait, what was that? I thought so myself; nothing has been said.

  2. Oh my lord, i am shocked. GASP!
    Who would’ve thought companies so credible and big like Samsung doing such thing, oh no no no!

    I am good with sarcasm or am i god with sarcasm, ahahah

        1. I’m happy to report I’ve never bought samesong products. It’s irritating enough that there may be components manufactured by their conglomerate in some of my devices, but nothing branded crosses the threshold. And so it shall be, world without end, amen.

  3. The friction between Google and Samsung will only exacerbate the performance issues. Samsung is already chained to Android, which got basically zero mention in Google’s conference. Samsung is now planning on having its own developer’s conference and is supposedly developing their own OS.

    Strategically, Apple has a lot of advantages. They are probably the only company that can afford to roll out luxury phones with quality build and be confident that they will get sales.

    You think Apple can’t attack the mid tier? I guarantee you that Apple can produce and sell a gazillion plastic phones if they wanted to.

    When Apple does something, they do it big. They also tend to have the important details and deals worked out before release, unlike some other companies (*cough, Chromecast).

    I wish luck to all these companies trying to take shortcuts. Just don’t be surprised when the freight train comes.

  4. A lawyer friend in the maritime world used to have big Korean shippers amongst his clients and he mentioned that of all his US and international clients. the Koreans were the worst.

    The Korean clients basically were always bending the truth or simply lying and it didn’t matter whether in negotiations or on the stand at trial. They lied whenever they thought they could get away with it.

    1. Found out one of my old friends now works for a Korean company in the big city and says the same thing: Koreans outright lie. And worse, make the American employees lie, too. So much for Truth, Justice, and The American Way. Hopefully it will come to haunt them.

    2. Way back when I used to work at Qualcomm, we sold cell phone chips to Korean vendors along with “reference designs” for them to “develop” their own phones. They could never get anything working properly and were the biggest pain as far as engineering support required. And they’d always blame their incompetent failures on Qualcomm’s IC’s while Motorola and others used them successfully. Always been just pure bastards for decades,

  5. Samsung winning the market by stealing, cheating and lying. The US Gov says: Thank You Samsung. We support you all the way and screwing Apple is perfectly fine with us. Right along with Google/Amazon!

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