Apple Maps vs. Google Maps 2.0 for iOS

“As Apple prepares its latest enhancements to Maps with iOS 7, Google has released its own major update for Google Maps on iOS,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider. “Here’s how the two compare in location data and local search, our fourth segment looking at mobile maps.”

“Apple’s new iOS 6 Maps introduced cutting edge technology related to efficient 2D and perspective vector maps, as well as 3D visualizations of satellite maps, a feature Apple calls Flyover,” Dilger writes. ” In these areas, Apple is well ahead of the mobile apps from Google and Nokia, the existing market leaders. Apple’s mobile iOS 6 Maps is even well ahead of Google and Nokia in the arena for 3D mapping visualizations using a full powered desktop.”

Dilger writes, “Apple’s Maps also handle offline use much more efficiently. If you do any traveling where you work outside of the network service area, being able to efficiently work offline is a major feature.”

Much more in the full article here.


  1. I was using the Google web page recently, and the trip time estimates were way off. Besides assuming that I was driving 10-20% faster than the speed limits, it assumed zero additional time when crossing the border from the US into Canada (and vice versa). Rather strange for mature software. For all the complaints about the Apple Map app, it did a much better job.

    1. Apple maps are not perfect but Apple is held to an unreasonably higher standard than Google in all areas. If Google did B work and Apple did B work, Google would get an A, and Apple would get a D-.

  2. Apple Maps has a solid future. Since it is the default mapping function in iOS, there will always be plenty of people using it because it is there.

    However, in reality, Google’s functionality is more flexible. In Google’s map, I can type “46th and 2nd”, and it will know that I mean 46th Street and 2nd avenue in Manhattan, and not 46th Avenue and 2nd Place in Queens, although it will offer other choices below the main (and almost always the desired) choice.

    The navigation feature is still superior for large cities, where Google offers walking, mass transit and biking directions (with turn-by-turn navigation, as usual). We’re still waiting for Apple to integrate mass transit (never mind biking).

    And most importantly (at least for me, and up to at least a million other people), the entire country of Serbia is essentially one big black hole, with only major highways there. Google has every single tiny little street of every city, town, village and hamlet, with complete navigation between all points (keeping track of one-way streets and illegal turns).

    Apple has ways to go to match Google in some features, but is clearly on the right track.

    1. Uh-oh Predrag. While highly accurate, your comments will likely be heavily downvoted. I pointed out an incorrect Apple Map POI last week, that was proven to be incorrect, and this was my experience. This incorrect POI is an international airport that has been closed for over 10 years and therefore you would think that repeatedly notifying Apple would have some effect but apparently it’s a waste of time. Oh well. I use Apple Maps all day – every day – when I know the exact address – and it works perfectly. POI’s? Not so much as I’ve been repeatedly led astray.

    2. Heretic! Remember the first commandment,”Thou shalt find no fault with Apple.” and the second commandment,”Thou shalt heap sycophantic praise upon Apple all the days of your life.”

  3. I like DED but his assessment of Maps in iOS borders on delusional.
    When finding locations or getting directions I give Maps first crack. I’m disappointed over and over again, and reluctantly fire up Google’s ugly app far too often.
    The massive nearby school that Google’s maps has been aware of since it was built is STILL absent in Apple’s Maps. I don’t even bother checking Maps for traffic reports, it’s useless. I could go on but you get the point.
    The Apple-can-do-no-wrong guys that read this appraisal can eat my panties. No amount of ad hominem will fill in the blank spaces that Google has filled with detail or put the restaurants (that Apple Maps thinks are in the river) in our fav vacation spot back on dry land. Sorry, it’s just not.

    1. And how many years head start has Google Maps had over Apple Maps?
      Anyone who imagines that Apple can catch up with and overtake Google in a couple of years since introduction is delusional. Of course it’ll take time, but all things considered, Apple Maps is pretty solid. It often gives me a much more direct, cross-country route than Google and CoPilot, which usually take me along routes that add miles to a journey.

    2. I have used Apple maps for traffic in LA and Orange County CA with good effect. It will take time for Apple to catch up to the global coverage that Google enjoys, but that didn’t happen in 1 or 2 or even 5 years for Google, more like 10 with a lot of help from 3rd parties.

      Apple will get there but not as fast as you apparently would like. Google is also far far far from perfect here. Mapping is hard.

  4. Ahhh, yes. How well we remember. The first big exposure of the incredible weakness of Tim Cook – first, launching an app that was not worth anyone’s time or trouble to try and use it, then apologizing for his blunder, and then suggesting that we all go get up to date on Google’s map because it was dependable. Certainly a red letter day in the life of a now lifeless company.

    1. While not perfect the fact that I have been able to run a business and make it on time to hundreds of client appointments since Apple maps came out and help support myself through school would say otherwise.

      I am living proof that Apple maps functions. I used Google before that nearly every day and it was not perfect either.

      Mapping is hard, trolling is easy.

  5. I love Apple maps and find it way more accurate than Google, but it lacks one major feature of Gargoyle. A route with more than two destinations. I regularly need to plan a trip with many stops so have yo use TomTom on iOS ($80) or Google on desktop.
    I look forward to the day Apple maps takes this place.

    1. GPS Drive HD does offer multiple stops enroute. Plus, the voice guidance (“Karen-Natural Voice”) is a soothing delight compared with Apple’s Siri which barks out orders and directions like a panicked drill sergeant. I actually use both Maps and GPS Drive HD, alternating between the two because GPS Drive is superior at detecting accident slowdowns and re-routing around them, yet Apple Maps is easier to read overall with easily read road signs and arrows that can be read without reading glasses. GPS Drive also gives a little more accurate ETAs, Siri pads the time by 5-10 minutes (maybe to allow for potential but as yet undetected traffic slowdowns?) so one is happy if arriving a few minutes early. Both work well, alternating yields the best result.

  6. It is a shame that I just cannot agree with DED on this one. The actual graphics in the Google Maps are clearer and better. Its road widths are wider and they are better coloured. The maps are also cleaner by not being covered by coloured circles for bars and restaurants. And the underground public transport and railway stations are more clearly labelled.

    Although I dislike Google as a company, I use their maps application because it really is better for straightforward 2d map display.

  7. I like Apple maps, but they give me no options like Goggle maps does. I am stuck taking a freeway in horrible, bumper to bumper traffic. I hope this changes – SOON.

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