Smartwatch shipments predicted to hit 5 million units in 2014 as Apple rumored to enter market

“Apple and other companies are widely rumored to be working on smart watch devices for debut later this year or in 2014, and that increased interest is set to grow the smart watch segment by a factor of ten,” Kevin Bostic reports for AppleInsider.

“The year 2014 will see five million smart watch units shipped, according to the latest forecasts from market analysis firm Canalys,” Bostic reports. “That figure would be more than 15 times the 330,000 units shipped in 2012, and 10 times the 500,000 expected to ship in 2013.”

Bostic reports, “Apple is widely expected to be working on an “iWatch” device some say could be revealed within the next year. The company is said to have a 100-man team working on the project, and Apple has filed for protection of the “iWatch” name in Japan, Russia, Mexico, and Taiwan. ”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. You got that right. As long as the price is reasonable and it includes some interesting functionality, tens of millions of people will want to buy one right away. Assuming that Apple actually releases such a product (I find it humorous to see published unit sales predictions based on the success of an as-yet unannounced product), it will sell as many as it can make. As the iPod, iPhone, and iPad have shown, Apple has developed a reputation and a following that increase the rate of adoption of each new product.

  1. I love my iPhone, but I hate watches. I hate having the hairs pulled out of my wrist and hate having my wrist get sweaty.
    Lots of people these days don’t wear watches. Having a hard time thinking that millions if people will want to wear a hi tech watch with a little screen. Maybe they will sell a bunch, but I really just don’t get it.

    1. The reason people will wear these will be the biometrics. Think of it as a Life Alert on your wrist – call 911 if my blood pressure, oxygen levels, or heart rate are critical.

    2. I take your point haven’t worn a watch in over ten years. That said this isn’t actually going to be a watch is it (just worn like one) and if it offers the sort of capabilities that are compulsive and a form factor that looks and feels good, then I would be interested. Thereafter it depends on price and that most likely would put me off if anything did.

  2. I kinda of agree with Paul, right now you see people walking around looking at their phone, if they were watches, would they be walking around looking at their wrists? I guess it depends on how it works exactly

  3. Don’t any of you guys watch Babylon 5???? The iWatch will use a new wonderful material that sticks directly to the skin on the back of the hand. Just slap it on there and there you go.

    No band required. /s LOL

  4. Apple stock drops because:
    A) The bogus prediction of only 5 million is too low, which proves the iWatch is already a flop before it ships
    B) The iWatch ships and sells 20 million in 2014, but talk of cannibalizing the iPhone begins
    C) The iWatch ships and sells 20 million in 2014, but talk of not being able to ship enough for 2015 begins
    D) Apple can’t begin to ship iWatch on time because of a rumored delay due to ____________.
    E) all of the above

  5. There is essentially NO current market for “smart watch.” So, Apple is not “entering” the market; it will be creating and defining the meaning of “smart watch.” Then, others will try to copy and enter that market.

    But this only happens if Apple has something “game changing.” Apple will not release something that is a watch that has some iPhone-related interaction. If Apple wanted to release something mundane, it would already be here.

    It seems to be a real product in the works, so it will be something unexpected and special.

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