Apple set to expand lineup of iPad mini models?

“A theme has emerged for iPad Mini rumors: multiple models,” Brooke Crothers reports for CNET.

“One version of the Mini, as prognosticated, is a thinner, lighter, faster version — sans a Retina display,” Crothers reports. “NPD DisplaySearch first anticipated this Mini update in June. As did Citi Research. Digitimes chimed in Monday with a similar rumor.”

Crothers reports, “Though a thinner/lighter design is not unexpected, it’s still impressive, considering that the Mini is already a mere 0.28-inches (7.2mm) thick and only 308 grams… Digitimes spiced up its Mini Retina rumor with the prospect of ‘an almost bezel-free look.’ If true, this would indicate that Apple has big plans for the redesign.”

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  1. Why do these people keep churning out BS rumors? Apple is one of the most secretive companies around and yet somehow these people find out more information about future Apple products than they do for any other company.

    1. People love to gossip. Some people love to invent it, others love to repeat it. Whether or not the gossip is true is completely irrelevant to those who get off on participating in this ridiculous pasttime.

  2. An “almost bezel-free” iPad mini would be nice, but iPad case designers will have to figure out how to avoid blocking part of the screen. Some iPad mini cases are already almost unusable because of this issue.

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