Amar Bose, audio pioneer, dead at 83

“Amar Bose, the founder and chief executive of the audio company that bears his last name, died last Friday at his home in Massachusetts at the age of 83,” Sam Grobart reports for Businessweek.

“Prior to Mr. Bose — or, more specifically, the Bose 901 Direct/Reflecting Speaker, his first major product — high-end audio was something obsessed over by finicky audiophiles: men and women (but let’s be honest here — mostly men) who were on a never-ending quest to recreate the absolute sound,” Grobart reports. “Audiophilia, to that point, required deep technical knowledge, a monastic-like discipline in researching and assembling your rig, and lots of cash.”

Grobart reports, “Bose changed all that. It was high-quality, sure, but it wasn’t rarified. Other brands would continue to pursue the highest peaks of hi-fi (such companies as Mark Levinson, Madrigal Audio Labs, Meridian, and others, many of which don’t start with the letter “M”), but by the 1980s, Bose had become part of a club that included BMW, Ralph Lauren, and Opus One as talismans of yuppie affluence. This, of course, drove hard-core audiophiles mad, as they complained that Bose products really weren’t all that great and were more about marketing than technology. That debate still continues, but mostly in basement listening rooms only—Bose continued to sell speakers by the truckload, and more than a few Rolex-clad squash players were more than happy to drop a few hundred dollars on Bose’s reimagination of the lowly clock radio.”

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