Apple Retail Stores to offer $50 off HP printers

“Starting on Tuesday, US Apple Stores will see an updated summer assortment of layouts, posters, and accessories, according to leaked information,” MacNN reports.

“Some HP printers will get a $50 discount valid through September 6th,” MacNN reports. “A leaked promotional ‘magnet’ states that the HP discount actually started July 2nd, but the item was allegedly delivered to stores prematurely.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, a very, very, very long time ago, HP used to make robust laser printers that could go on and on without breaking down pretty much indefinitely.

    Now my HP Laserjets last on average a couple of months after the warranty period and the feed tray has problems or the internal toner feed roller has problems or the output tray has problems. And when you bring the unit in for repairs, the same problems manifest themselves after a month.

    HP has become the laughingstock of reliability. What’s 100% rock solid reliable? All of my Apple products. Everything is still going strong years after I bought them. HP sucks. Apple rocks.

    1. I think they sell these for the Air Print capability. It’s still one of the drawbacks of iOS devices. I’d be happy to hear about other print solutions for iOS that you people may have had success with. I admit that I am surrounded by regular pre-post-pc computers, so I have a pretty easy way of printing when I need to, but none of my three printers at home can print from iOS and I don’t want to buy another until one of them breaks.

      1. Have you tried AirPrint Activator? It is a small application that you install on your Mac and shares with your iOS devices all printers installed on the Mac. It will work like a normal print functionality for your iOS device. I used it for a long while before I bought an AirPrint printer.

  2. HP printers are the biggest piece of garbage I have ever seen.
    You can guaranty that as soon as the warranty ends, so does the printer.

    Personally, I prefer Epson

  3. Just to add my voice to the chorus… I used to love HP printers.. not any more.. 🙁 they all are cheap and break down far too often. I bought an Epson, and it seems pretty good…

    Don’t think I’ll ever buy a HP again.

  4. Canon is my printer of choice. Love ’em. I like that I can buy individual cartridges and don’t replace them until they are exhausted. They just work.

  5. Apple way overprices these printers to begin with. Can buy the low end one from Walmart for $40. They charge $100 unless you buy a new mac. HP gives them the printer for about $5.

  6. Gotta add my voice to the choir. I had purchased HP Printers almost exclusively for twenty years (first Laser Jet 500 was awesome) then in 2011 after my 3d HP died in less years I decided ENOUGH. I did some research and bought an Epson Workforce 845. Never going back. I just assumed that carrying your new printer around the house plugging it into each Mac was part of the “setup” process. I’ve had the Epson for two years and its AWESOME. I have only entered my wifi password and info ONCE (my HPs used to just forget it for some reason) and it has never missed a beat. NEVER going back to HP!

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