If you think Apple customers are loyal now, watch and see what’s in store

“People who use competing products just don’t get the loyalty of Apple users. ‘What is so special about the iPhone? That Macbook Air? An iPad Mini?’ The product specs rarely seem extraordinary, yet customers love them,” Mark Rogowsky writes for Forbes. “Even in Korea, Apple scores higher on customer satisfaction than native son Samsung. Certainly, the answer lies partly in the designs and the underlying software that makes Apple’s products simple to use and above average in reliability. Increasingly, though, the company is pressing another important edge — the ecosystem that binds all its gear together.”

Rogowsky writes, “In an effort to push customer lock-in to an even higher level, Apple is going to take that ecosystem much deeper into two places it has only barely begun to make its presence felt: your living room and your car.”

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    1. Isn’t it amazing how not once in 20 years has the media described being forced to use windows by activeX, back office, windows media formats DRM, or any of Microsoft’s other shackles as being “locked-in”?

      1. Apple’s ecosystem isn’t a lock in or closed if you’re in it by choice.

        I chose 17yrs ago to be in the Apple ecosystem and Ive never regretted it because Apple made it so much fun and easy.

      2. The rest of the mindless Apple-copying tech world is like the zombie apocalypse shambling around looking for fresh brainssss.

        We are locked in to avoid them, it’s for our protection.

    1. They have nothing to say because Rogowsky already said the device specs were not extraordinary.

      What! WTF! Here is some troll language: fucking idiot!!!

      What is not extordanary about all say battery life an no viruses (just to name one! Or two)

      Let’s list the extraordinary stuff here just to prove Mr Rogowsky a fraud…

    1. Apple already owns my living room with a Mac mini and an AppleTV connected to my big screen. And my iPhone gets connected to my car via USB and Bluetooth the moment I get inside.

  1. Well, thanks to Steve Apple has been successfully pulled its strength, and given public attraction to buy any apple product so far. But the game will be changed soon since Tim Cook has led the company. This guy is just a business man nothing like Steve. We can’t expect any WOW fact more. Apple will lose ‘cool’ anytime soon. Now it is a peak. When you go to the top of mountain, you have to decline anyway.

    1. “Well, thanks to Steve Apple has been successfully pulled its strength, and given public attraction to buy any apple product so far.”

      What the hell is that sentence, like the ones following it, supposed to mean? With a name like Edward, I have to assume that English is your native tongue. . . right?

      1. You do really have to hand to to him, though, as he has worked hard on his grammar and now understands to capitalise his name. A lad clever enough, and hard-working, can ascend the ranks of paid trolls and earn enough to feed himself.

  2. I have a 2013 Ford Fusion company car that boasts “Ford Sync” – made by Microsoft. It controls the radio (incl. satellite), USB input, Bluetooth, mobile phone, etc. It is possibly the worst user experience I have ever encountered in my life…when it’s working and that’s a 50/50 crap shoot. Ford Sync has been around for years and still feels worse than a beta test.

    Apple won’t have to even breath hard to make MS look pitiful in yet another arena.

    1. Ford Sync is so tightly integrated into the car that users cannot simply exchange the radio for a third party alternative. The problem is that the AV system in a car is major factor in creating the user experience of that car, if the car comes with something as flawed at Ford Sync, then the car is perceived as being seriously flawed.

      My Ford dealer tries to convince me that everybody else loves it and I must being unreasonably critical but you only have to glance on-line to see that many others are highly critical of Ford Sync.

      Ford really need to get their act together. They ( Ford in Europe ) make cars that are pretty good in every other respect, but Ford Sync is dreadful and is the reason why I will not buy a Ford next time round. Choosing a flawed sync system may have been the only choice when Ford initially went down that route, but times have moved on and customers have higher expectations these days. Ford act as though they’re in denial over this issue so there is little sign that anything is going to change and the inevitable result will be potential Ford sales going to their rivals instead. They can try fobbing me off with Ford Sync once, but they don’t make a sale the next time.

    2. Ford has announced that they’re going back to buttons and knobs for a number of primary functions. It never made sense to have a touchscreen for basic things like turning up the radio or the A/C. Hopefully, “Ford Stink” will go the way of the dodo.

    3. I really enjoy my new Fusion hybrid. Nice care. Of course, the worst part of the user experience is the Sync system, but I ordered it with the older style buttons instead of the touch screen, so my use of Sync is limited. It works ok to connect to my iphone via bluetooth or to answer an occasional call, that’s all I use it for.

  3. From day one Apple Inc. has had ‘An Ecosystem’, a unique and ordered tech lifestyle where all its products serve the needs of the consumer and fulfil a well defined a purpose in an increasingly cohesive, meaningful and comprehensive manner second to none.

    1. Mac Plus here, so you beat me by a few years. I unfortunately had a TRS 80 Before the plus (my brother and I called it the “Trash 80”). I recall loving my friends’ Apple II computers.

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