Woz: Apple seeking ‘next big direction’

“Apple is in a waiting period with the US gadget giant seeking the ‘next big direction’ almost two years after the death of its groundbreaking boss Steve Jobs, the company’s co-founder Steve Wozniak said Thursday,” Phys.org reports.

“Wozniak, speaking at a forum in Mexico City, insisted that Apple remains a ‘great company’ with its ‘own culture’ and a collection of trademarks despite its leader’s death,” Phys.org reports. “‘I think Apple is in one of these waiting periods waiting for the next big direction,’ he said. ‘You can’t expect a whole new incredible revolution of a category of existing consumer electronics, you can’t expect that every year,’ he added. ‘If you could have one every year it would be quite a surprise.'”

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  1. Woz is a big fat dope that was in right place at right time back in the day. I can’t believe he is still on Apple payroll. Go play w ur Galaxy S4 that u love so much Woz!

    1. @Woody

      I don’t think Woz is on Apple’s payroll.

      where did you get that?

      He is simply a private citizen that happens to be a co-founder of Apple, not a spokesperson for the company and not an employee.

  2. it’s weird that people keep asking Woz about Apple.

    I respect Woz for being a founder of Apple but Woz hasn’t been at Apple for many years and I don’t think he’s privy of the inner workings of Apple. I doubt he’s attended any of the famous weekly meetings of the handful of SVPS and the CEO who run apple. ( Even most of the other workers of Apple don’t know the ‘big direction’ of apple ).

    Woz wasn’t involved much with the Mac, was gone and not involved with OSX, iPod, ITunes , iMac, iOS, App Store, iPhone, iPad , the stuff which apple is now famous for i.e he’s just an outside observer of the current Apple.

    Before people flame me for a somewhat unfavourable picture of Woz realize that current Apple is not that enamoured of him either: Woz has PUBLICLY stated he wants a position at Apple for several years now yet Apple has ignored him.

    Of course Woz (like anybody else) can give his opinion of Apple but people (especially the general press) shouldn’t think he’s got special knowledge like an ‘Apple Partner’.

    1. Davewrite

      I agree with you.

      Woz once collaborated with Steve Jobs and from that, became a millionaire.

      Had Woz been of continuing relevance to Steve, he would have kept on collaborating with Woz on subsequent projects and perhaps even groomed him for a board position. But he did not.

      In my view, the reality is that Woz doesn’t know where Apple is going because he is of no relevance to the company.

      Anyway, it is not normal for a company to fully disclose its strategy and direction willy-nilly to anyone particularly in such a competitive sector and a history of being the target of some very questionable activities e.g., Android being developed by a Boardroom informant; IP being ripped off by Samsung etc.

      It is time Woz quit riding on Steve’s coattail.

  3. I think you’re in the wrong place if you are looking to be flamed for thinking poorly of Woz.:) generally speaking, no one would pay him to speak if he wasn’t startling. So, every other day or so, he has to say something contrary, he’s the new Dvorak. 😀

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