Should you buy a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro?

“Both the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are great machines, but with less than £50 difference between the 13” Air and 13” Pro, which do you go for?” Karl Hodge writes for Macworld UK.

“It depends whether you want portability or power,” Hodge writes. “The Air is incredibly mobile. Light and stylish, it’s an easy notebook to slip into the laptop pocket of your bag or rucksack. At just 1.7 cm at its thickest point, the Air tapers to an incredible 0.3 cm. ”

Hodge writes, “MacBook Pros really shine at the higher end. The Retina display version with nVidia GPU is a no-brainer for gaming or graphics work. But in the squeezed middle, it really does come down to whether you need a portable machine to carry everywhere or a little workhorse you can take between office and home to crunch numbers and edit media.”

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  1. I chose the Air recently and i don’t regret it the only thing i do regret a little is getting the 11 inch instead of the 13 inch model but i can live with this.

  2. None of the above.
    A) Designed for failure – it sucks liquid – leads it to critical components – no escape route
    B) When failed – board replacement only.
    C) Wanting to do a board replacement?- it’s a joke! Apple controls the distribution tightly and removes any warranty if repair shops try to do on board repairs. A new board is as costly as a new machine.
    D) Software – oh don’t go there
    E) Product portfolio management – Apple treats us like idiots. Keeping upgrade secret. Taking full price – yes I know of the few bucks of student discounts – up to the day they introduce new models.
    F) Upgradeability – sucks. Buy the right spec up front. Yeah. That’s an Apple only discussion because products rarely lasts long enough for performance to become an issue.

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