Apple developing new MacBook Ether?

“Apple has disrupted several industries over the last decade or so. Most recently, the introduction of the iPad has launched the meme ‘the death of the PC,'” J. M. Manness writes for Seeking Alpha. “If the iPad was right hook to the gut, knocking the wind out of the PC, will a new ‘MacBook Ether’ be the knockout punch?”

“The MacBook Airs have also been extremely popular. CNET just reported on Saturday (via MacDailyNews): ‘The MBA grabbed 56 percent of U.S. thin-and-light laptop sales in the first five months of the year, Stephen Baker, an analyst at the NPD Group, told CNET,'” Manness writes. “Also, for the last several years, the Air has frequently rated number one laptop on”

“That is, until very recently. Now the number one spot consistently goes to the Samsung Chromebook, a laptop selling for just $249. (The 13″ Air at $1094, is currently #3, right behind a MacBook Pro,)” Manness writes. “[TSMC] will begin producing A9 and A9x processors in the third quarter of next year. Quartz puts this together to suggest that Apple will replace the Intel processors in MacBook Air. With new faster chips, Apple could produce the Air with their own A-series.”

Manness writes, “But I do not see this happening. The MacBook Air is solidly positioned as Apple’s entry level, full scale laptop. For every jump in A-series performance, Intel will do the same with their line. No, Apple will not do this to the Air. They will do it to a new line – I hypothesize it will be the MacBook Ether.”

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