Apple shares jump on signs that iPhone maker is spreading its bets

“Shares of Apple Inc. enjoyed their best gains in more than two months on Monday morning, amid signs that the battered consumer tech giant is strengthening its business in some key ways heading into a new product cycle in the second half of the year,” Dan Gallagher reports for MarketWatch.

“By midday, Apple’s shares were up 3.6% to $410.70. If the gains hold to the close of the session, it would be the first time the stock has added more than 3% in a single day since April 29, when the shares got some juice in anticipation of the company’s first bond sale,” Gallagher reports. “This also came after the stock dipped below the $400 mark last week for the second time in the last three months.”

“That period has been marked by worsening sentiment by investors on Apple, which sparked an upgrade from Raymond James on Monday,” Gallagher reports. “In his note to clients, analyst Tavis McCourt cited the ‘horrible’ sentiment on the stock as part of the reason for his upping the shares to a ‘strong buy’ rating. He also noted that the company is likely on the precipice of a new ‘phase’ in the mobile computing revolution, where mobile ecosystems will get expanded into new areas such as cars, TVs, home appliances and other form factors.”

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  1. What the check?!? Apple hasn’t done anything different. It’s not like Apple woke up this morning and decided, “Hey, maybe we should make that iWatch thingy”, and let’s build a radio app, and while we’re at it, let’s update the iPhone for this fall.

    How ridiculous. I can’t imagine how horrible it must be to live your life on such a short time cycle as a stock analyst.

  2. “battered consumer tech giant”

    Pullessse. Apple are still growing in revenue, profit and unit sales. It’s the stock that’s taking the battering and that is due to market manipulation.

    1. I like it. I like it a lot.

      I’ve always had envy/hatred toward Apple, but now that I know the company has been dipped int delicious, gooey, yummy batter and deep fried by Wall Street, I’m heading down to my local Apple Store to buy me some.

      Deep fried battered Apple. Why the Hell didn’t I think of that? Yum!!

  3. The “signs” include the close inspection of fresh chicken entrails recovered from behind a Ji Pai stall, an expert interpretation of the patterns made by hollowed magpie bones dropped over the shoulder, and the decipherment of a cryptic fast-food receipt discovered in a dumpster in the Hsinchu industrial park

    1. Raymond, why are you jumping on the “anal ist’s” bandwagon? The guy who wrote this pile of crap is a JOURNALIST, not an analyst. The only supposed quote from an analyst was in fact very positive toward Apple. Analyst bashing on MDN should in fact be re-directed to tech journalists, who are the ones spouting this drivel.

    1. How is he a hedge fund shill? He’s just another journalist who lets his prejudices get in the way of facts. A quick unfounded story to fill column inches before whatever deadline his editor set. It’s the journalists matey.

      1. But battles can be won or lost in the editing room. Accountability should not be reserved for certain trades, or castes. It certainly doesn’t exist for the privileged classes, any more.

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