Apple’s iOS 7: Good luck trying to copy this

“In 2007, Apple released a mobile OS that was a generation ahead. It centered around hardware-accelerated touch animations, tracking your fingers so fast that it created an entirely new type of experience. Rich sprites slid in and out with wonderful fluidity. The world was Apple’s oyster, as only the best hardware and most efficient software could produce such an experience,” Allen Pike blogs.

“It’s now 2013, and the effects that the iPhone popularized have been commoditized. Native iOS apps still have the best implementation of them, but performantly sliding around rich textures in response to touch inputs is no longer impossible in HTML and JavaScript,” Pike writes. “Moore’s rising tide has lifted up the cheap phones and the web renderers. They can can now provide a decent version of the fundamental experience, hurting the case for native iOS apps.”

“Let’s say we worked at Apple, and were challenged with designing an experience that was impossible in 2007. Something that would be entirely impossible with web technology. What would our futuristic UI look like?” Pike writes. “It would have compositing effects that need serious GPU horsepower. Blur is a beautiful but computationally intensive operation, so we’d use it liberally. To push it further, the blurred areas will need to update during scrolling and update at 60 fps. We’d add more 3D effects, stacking and layering content where we can. If we felt really crazy, we’d make simple things like home screens and modal dialogs subtly shift in 3D, real-time, in response to gyroscope input.”

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Pike writes, “iOS 7 was clearly designed to show off what’s possible in 2013. As a side effect, they’ve embraced conventions that will be hard to emulate with commodity hardware or web tech… bringing to life these blurs, animations, and dynamics with HTML and JavaScript isn’t yet possible… iOS 7 is designed and developed for the A5, and will truly shine on the A7. By hanging up their rich textures in favour of rich effects, Apple has gone well beyond a coat of paint. If people fall in love with this new, beautifully living aesthetic, there will be an argument for building native apps for years yet.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The more we use iOS 7, the more we love iOS 7.

Add Personal Hotspot on/off to Control Center, please, Jony! Honestly, that’s our biggest complaint so far.

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  1. Forget personal hotspot, add the bloody GPS on or off to the control center. Also it’s bloody idiotic to that if GPS is off and you open maps it presents a prompt that shuttles you into the settings app to turn it on. Why can’t I just turn the GPS on/off from a little prompt that says ‘ do you want to turn GPS on for this app’. I just tap yes and boom it’s on. My biggest qualm with iOS 7 is that it doesn’t do a good job of keeping context. Many things you do, takes you out of context to accomplish it.. Don’t make me leave my maps app just to turn on GPS. Don’t make me leave any app that I’m currently working in, just to respond to a message. Let me stay in the context that I’m in if I want to venture out to do a quick simple task. It’s really annoying.

    1. Why switch GPS off anyway? Mine never is, I can think of no logical reason TO switch it off, as so many apps work with location services. Makes no sense to me. Just leave it on, problem solved.

  2. Been on 7 since release and I like it!. Accounting for all the little Beta glitches, the underlying system is sweet.
    Some of the “coloring ” could use slight adjustments to allow for a little more contrast.

      1. Yeah, did that. I would like to use some photos as background though.
        The parallax is great, I have a panorama shot from the 2012 World Series, AT&T Park right behind home plate.
        Complete almost 360 degree shot. As a screensaver you can slowly rotate your body and see the whole shot.
        Bad to the Ass!

        1. What would be kind of interesting, although a battery hog I’m sure, is if it were possible to activate the camera and have that as an option for the wallpaper. This would give the effect of the background being completely clear. Kind of like the “cloak of invisibility” tech that uses photo cells to achieve this effect.

  3. “It’s now 2013, and the effects that the iPhone popularized have been commoditized.”

    The problem is that those items that have been commoditized are patented and were never licensed to those who have stolen them.

  4. That’s funny the more I use ios 7 the more I hate it. Jony Ive is a conceited buffoon forcing the ugliest ios ever seen on us. It is a hideous clashing soup of illegible white or black. All the ‘improvements’ have made the iphone in particular a chore to use. All apps have lost functions and demand more taps on the screen to achieve previously readily accessible features. My camera,calendar,safari, reminders and itunes apps are now almost unusable. I use Kitcam,google chrome and Amazon player now.
    What’s to love? Ios7 is garbage and will hopefully result in Jony Ives losing his job.,

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