What if Apple didn’t build Steve Jobs’ ‘Mothership’ campus in Cupertino?

“You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, and it turns out you can’t build a new 3.4 million sq. ft. corporate campus in the city of Cupertino without breaking a few California environmental quality laws,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“According to a 650-page draft environmental impact review submitted in advance of public hearings Wednesday, Apple’s new headquarters — if built according to Steve Jobs’ wishes — will have ‘significant unavoidable impact’ in several areas,” P.E.D. reports. “So as required by the city, Apple hired LSA Consultants to offer a kind of Hobson’s choice of ‘reasonable’ alternatives… [including] Scrap the whole idea and, as Jobs threatened, find another city to house Apple’s growing workforce.”

Apple Campus 2 project - "Mothership" - Cupertino, CA


Apple Campus 2 project - "Mothership" - Cupertino, CA
Apple's "Mothership" Campus 2 - Street view from East Homestead Road

Apple Campus 2 project - "Mothership" - Cupertino, CA

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Sarah” for the heads up.]

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  1. The whole media campaign, their signature line that means everything, “Designed by Apple in California,” would probably lose steam.

    “This is our signature, and it means everyth-, well, it means a lot. Designed by Apple in Texas.”

  2. Buy an island in Hawaii. Build whatever you want, and build 20 thousand beachside accommodations for employee’s. Operate an employee only cruise ship between island and San Fransisco. Cruise ship (or ships) would be part of the spaceship “O” that can break away and sail.

  3. Well, let’s apply some logic:
    1) Cupertino has some mild concerns about the campus.
    2) Apple profits declining, employees resigning, maybe don’t need as much space?
    3) Apple has plenty of cheaper land in Texas to build on.

    I would vote to cancel the whole project, but second best move would be build in Texas.

  4. As a proud Texan, Austonian, former Californian, and former Apple employee… allow me to weigh in (albeit late).

    Texas is not full of rednecks. Quite the contrary. More Fortune 500 companies call Texas home than any other state. Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Ausin are 4 of the top 10 largest cities in America. TX has a strong economy (thanks Perry), anchored in natural resources and backed by tech sector. Is Texas independent? You bet. This is a state that believes in personal freedom, accountability, and capitalism. And, it’s working. Clearly.

    California has a lot to offer, but the liberal government is crushing businesses and entrepreneurship. Taxation is high. And, the regulations are choking growth (thus this story). But, the produce is awesome, wine is super, and the weather very nice. But, folks in Texas are friendlier. Ask anyone. ;0)

    Austin is a very progressive city. Apple is expanding rapidly here as tech hires are plentiful, land is cheap, and construction can push ahead without huge regulatory hurdles.

    It’s appalling that so many folks would bring up abortion, gay marriage, and especially the explosion in West as reasons for Apple to avoid Texas, or any other state for that matter. Either debate with grown up comments that are relevant or don’t comment. Honestly… People died in that explosion.

  5. Yea this seems to go no where.
    I find it strange. A city that really want Apple there but for some reason can not get out if its own way. They should seriously considering landing this ship somewhere else if this drags on any longer… This is starting to annoy me.

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