No rest for the weary: How Apple and Google ruined developers’ summer vacation

“Mobile developers had better catch their collective breath while they can,” Dan Rowinski writes for ReadWrite. “Following the Apple and Google developer conferences, app creators have a bevy of new tools to learn and exploit. If you make apps for iOS and Android, you now know exactly what you have to work with for the foreseeable future.”

“At its World Wide Developers Conference, Apple gave iOS developers a new version of its operating system (one sporting a complete design overhaul to boot), an updated version of its Xcode developer environment and scads of new OS features — i.e., application programming interfaces, or APIs — apps can hook into,” Rowinski writes. “Google’s I/O conference, meanwhile, provided developers with lots of new APIs for Android, an entirely new development environment in Android Studio and many new ways to make money from their apps in Google Play.”

Rowinski writes, “Where Google took a scalpel to the Android ecosystem, Apple painted its canvas in much broader strokes. It was all pretty close to Apple’s usual WWDC script: a new version of iOS with an abundance of new APIs, a new version of the Xcode development environment and a few little twists to keep it interesting. This year, Apple also gave us a brand new design in iOS 7, which was not completely unexpected.”

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    1. It is inconceivable to me that someone could write something like what you just wrote, and still be an intelligent person. I am disappointed that this is somehow acceptable to anyone these days. You should look deep into yourself and ask where that severe negativity really comes from…..

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