The $60 Billion Man: Gundlach changes position on Apple

Jeffrey Gundlach has made tons of money in the bond market and this year is no exception. His flagship DoubleLine Total Return Bond Fund has trumped Barcalys Aggregate US Bond Index this year. Gundlach is the CEO and Founder of DoubleLine Capital, an investment management firm that in fewer than four years now manages over $60 billion in assets.

“I like [AAPL] fundamentally at these levels.” – Jeffrey Gundlach

But, what many investors may not know is that he’s also had some huge stock calls in the market, including the fall of Bank of America and a decline in Apple. So, on the day Apple is breaking below $400 per share, where does he see the tech giant going? Talking Numbers, hosted by CNBC and Yahoo! Finance, talks numbers with Jeffrey Gundlach.

To hear Gundlach discuss what’s next for the Apple stock, watch the interview here.

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    1. Too bad Tim Cook has already spat into the wind by tying his pay to Apple’s stock performance. The hedge funds laughed and cranked up their wind machines facing directly at Tim Cook and all Apple shareholders.

  1. These guys manufacture nothing. They create nothing. They find nothing. They build nothing. They help no one but those of their own ilk they create much misery By any reasonable definition they are parasites. And fools hang on their every word.

  2. I’m not listening to anyone until Apple’s share price starts to reverse direction. Two weeks ago I don’t recall any majority of analysts saying Apple was heading to $400. It’s there now and I’m buying whatever number of shares I can.

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