Samsung, EU in talks to settle antitrust case involving FRAND abuse against Apple

“Samsung Electronics is in preliminary talks with the EU regulator to settle charges it abused its market position by barring arch rival Apple from using an essential mobile phone patent, two people familiar with the matter said on Tuesday,” Foo Yun Chee reports for Reuters.

“The talks came after the European Commission, which acts as EU competition regulator, told Samsung in December that it was acting unfairly by seeking injunctions against Apple over use of the essential patents,” Chee reports. “‘Samsung has been involved in settlement discussions for several months now. Samsung wants to settle,’ said one of the sources, who declined to be identified because of the sensitivity of the matter. The sources said it was still too early to say if the discussions would result in a settlement. That would mean no finding of wrongdoing for Samsung and no fine, which could otherwise reach as much as $17.3 billion if the South Korean firm is found to be in breach of EU laws.”

Chee reports, “The Commission’s case against Samsung centers on essential patents for the European Union’s 3G UMTS standard. The firm pledged to license its patents on fair terms to rivals when the standard was adopted in Europe. Samsung came under regulatory fire last year when it began seeking injunctions in various EU countries in 2011 against Apple’s use of these patents.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Do not abuse FRAND, thieves.

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    1. The EU should backhand
      Samsung’s agreed Frand
      with a clubhand
      negating future grandstands
      by kicking away the kickstands
      used to lever their Frands
      as a means to demand
      an unfair stand
      to expand
      cross licensing.

  1. Kimchee invasion is all over the world, even though Korea is a very small country with great, aggressive business mind, even big clothing store Forever 21 the owner is Korean as well which targets low-end clothes to consumers.

  2. Google (Motorola Mobility’s parent) has been pursuing the same abusive tactics with SEP/FRAND patents, and is also being scrutinized by European antitrust regulators.

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